Food Bank Usage Has Surged Because Of Liberal Economic Policies & Radical Immigration Levels. Apparently, They See This As A Photo Opportunity

Tone-deaf & Clueless.

The Liberals continue to prove how absolutely tone-deaf and clueless they are when it comes to the massive damage they’ve inflicted on the country.

Food bank usage has surged in Canada, amid high inflation, a rapidly increasing population due to mass immigration, and a declining per capita GDP that means Canadians are getting poorer and poorer.

The Liberals could easily address all of this.

They could cut federal spending, to stop pouring fuel on the inflationary fire.

They could scrap the carbon tax, to help reduce the cost of living and incentivize more productive investment in our economy.

And they could slash immigration numbers to reduce the pressure on our social programs, reduce the pressure on the job market, and reduce pressure on housing supply.

But they won’t do any of that.

Because the damage they’re doing to the country isn’t some sort of ‘mistake’ on their part, it’s deliberate.

It’s all about imposing a far-left eco-socialist agenda that deliberately drives down the standard of living.

Yet, the Liberals seem to think that nobody notices this.

And so, they are demonstrating their total tone-deafness by making posts like the one below:

The Liberals have this odd way of acting like they are just observers of events, rather than people with significant power who are causing Canadians to suffer – and who could reduce that suffering by changing their policies.

This mix of willfully damaging the economy while pretending to have nothing to do with it is absolutely despicable, and it’s another reason why the Liberals can’t be defeated fast enough.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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