Canada’s Economic Performance Is Off The Charts, But Not In A Good Way.

This is what Justin Trudeau is ‘doubling down’ on.

In a year end interview, Justin Trudeau has said he plans to ‘double-down’ on the policies he’s been imposing on the nation over the past eight years.

This should be all the confirmation anyone needs to finally understand that Justin Trudeau and his anti-Canadian Liberal Cabal are deliberately seeking to ruin our nation.

Objectively, Canada is getting worse across a wide range of fronts.

Crime is up.

Drug overdose deaths are up.

The nation is more divided than ever.

Immigration is out of control.

Our military is nearly non-existent. 

Canadian values and Canadian identity are being subverted and destroyed by the anti-Western, anti-Semitic, anti-Canadian enemies within, enemies emboldened by Justin Trudeau and his ilk.

Only the most deranged Trudeau Cultists could deny that Canada is far worse now than when Stephen Harper was in power.

And yet, Trudeau keeps doubling down.

This also means he’s doubling down on Canada’s crumbling standard of living.

Just look at Canada’s per capita GDP compared to other nations. We are literally off the charts:

“And Trudeau wants to double down on his policies. “Trudeau says people are frustrated, but now is time for ‘doubling down’”


This isn’t the kind of “off the charts” performance anyone should want to see, but it’s what Trudeau is deliberately causing.

Trudeau keeps flooding the country with mass immigration, keeps imposing more and more socialist policies, keeps weakening the energy sector, and keeps emboldening those who hate Capitalism and hate Western Values.

And so, as long as he remains in power, our country will continue to get poorer and poorer.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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