‘Led’ By Justin Trudeau & Jagmeet Singh, Canadian Authorities Are Surrendering To The Anti-Semites

It’s no surprise that those who hate Western Civilization and think we should feel guilty for our historical success are unable to confront foreign anti-Western & anti-Semitic extremists.

An ideological vacuum will always be filled.

If a country is deprived of national pride and confidence in the civilization it is built upon, that vacuum will be filled by foreign tribal hatreds and other less successful civilizations will come to dominate the land.

And that’s what we are seeing in Canada.

By now, it’s obvious that politicians like Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh have disdain for the Western world. They never have anything positive to say about Canadian history or Western Civilization, despite Western Civilization being the most successful the world has ever known.

Instead, they demonize the West constantly, and promote less successful civilizations while pretending all cultures are equal.

They have spent years trying to make Canadians feel guilty, and are actively seeking to erase Canadian identity.

And now, we are seeing the consequences.

Canada’s authorities are now increasingly an ‘anti-Conservative’ force. When a protest or political organization is seen as ‘conservative’ (the freedom convoy, firearms rights advocates), the government goes all out to crush them. That’s because Conservative Canadians tend to be the most supportive of Canadian history and Western Civilization, which makes them an ‘acceptable target’ in the minds of anti-Western politicians like Trudeau & Singh.

After all, Trudeau’s ‘diversity is our strength’ mantra doesn’t seem to extend to Conservative Canadians.

Meanwhile, since Trudeau & Singh buy into the ‘oppressed vs oppressor’ narrative, any group that is comprised of ‘minorities’ gets treated with automatic deference and respect, no matter how horrific their cause may be.

And it turns out, that even applies to rampant anti-Semites.

Across Canada, anti-Semites are emboldened like never before.

They’re protesting in Jewish neighborhoods in what is a clear attempt to threaten and intimidate.

They’re vandalizing and burning Jewish-owned shops, in actions reminiscent of Kristallnacht:

“Here’s footage of the fire in the Jewish owned grocery store in Toronto.

Windows were broken and “Free Palestine” was spray painted on the building. It’s being investigated as arson.

Canada is quickly becoming a hotbed of escalating acts of anti-Semitism.”

There is clearly a growing anti-Semitic movement in this nation, and it is gaining moment each day the authorities pretend it isn’t happening.

Because the anti-Semitic mobs are largely comprised as people who are part of the leftist ‘victim group,’ Canada’ far-left authorities are not ideologically equipped to respond. Thus, the authorities are not only abandoning Canadian Values, they are abandoning Jewish Canadians and abandoning the rule of law.

Make no mistake, this nation is in serious trouble.

‘Led’ by those who hate our nation at top, anti-Semites feel this is there moment to make a play for power and are coming dangerously close to normalizing anti-Semitism in this nation.

And so, all of us who stand with the Jewish community, who support Canadian Values, and who believe in Western Civilization must speak out more than ever before. We cannot allow ourselves to be silent as the anti-Semites seek to take our nation from us. We cannot allow our anti-Canadian ‘leaders’ to destroy our once-great nation. And we cannot allow the Jewish community to be abandoned in the face of this threat.

Spencer Fernando


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