Liberals Now Say There Is No Hard Cap On Bringing In People From Gaza – One Of The Most Radicalized Areas On The Entire Planet

Gaza is one of the most aggressively radicalized parts of our entire planet. Why would Canada bring people from there when anti-Semitism is surging and many of Gaza’s neighbours refuse to do the same?

Throughout history, different parts of the world ‘go crazy’ for a while.

It’s never really permanent – in the very long run – but it can be a significant challenge for others to deal with.

We saw it in Germany and Japan in the 1930s, when both of those countries decided to empower genocidal fanatics who launched brutal wars of conquest.

Germany and Japan both came back to reality, and turned into normal, free, and prosperous nations.

But it took a massive military defeat at the hands of their enemies – and a deliberate deradicalization and reorganization of society.

What this means is that ‘German Civilian’ meant something very different in 1946 than it did in 1941.

In 1941, a German civilian was likely radicalized into the Nazi cult – or pretending to go along with it (which still resulted in supporting the regime), as they were part of a society wide effort to conquer territory and commit genocide at a scale the world had never seen before. They would have been support of the fascist dictatorship, and contemptuous of Western democracy.

In 1946, a German civilian would have watched the promises of the regime be revealed as lies, would have seen their cities ruined, their economy wrecked, their military shattered, and would have been praying to be in a part of Germany that was occupied by the Americans, British, and Canadians, rather than a part of Germany occupied by the Soviets. They would have been humbled.

Yet, even then, it took a long time for Germany to truly come to grips with what they had done. Years of ‘denazification’ and years of deliberately exposing the reality of the Holocaust, along with a rewritten constitution and years of educating children about the dangers of fascism and the importance of individual rights and democracy was what it took to help turn Germany into the democratic state it is today.

To stop being ‘crazy’ Germany first had to be defeated and then reorganized.

Suffice it to say, Gaza has not gone through that process.

In fact, the depth of radical Islamist anti-Semitic indoctrination in Gaza far surpasses the propaganda onslaught in Germany, since the fascists were in power from 1933-1945, while even the pre-Hamas governments in Gaza were indoctrinating young people with hate for decades.

This deep and dangerous indoctrination shows itself in surveys of the Gazan population:

“A recent poll reported on by the Associated Press noted widespread support in both Gaza and the West Bank for Hamas, including support for Hamas horrific October 7th terror attack and a near-total denial of Hamas’ well-documented war crimes:

“Despite the devastation, 57% of respondents in Gaza and 82% in the West Bank believe Hamas was correct in launching the October attack, the poll indicated. A large majority believed Hamas’ claims that it acted to defend a major Islamic shrine in Jerusalem against Jewish extremists and win the release of Palestinian prisoners. Only 10% said they believed Hamas has committed war crimes, with a large majority saying they did not see videos showing the militants committing atrocities.””

This is a main reason why Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and other countries close to Gaza are refusing to bring in people from the Hamas-controlled territory. The population of Gaza is highly radicalized.

Yet, the anti-Canadian Trudeau government appears completely unconcerned.

Not only did they announce that Canada would bring in people from Gaza, they have now said there is no ‘hard cap’ whatsoever on how many can come here:

“Canada’s Immigration Minister Marc Miller says the federal government’s stated 1,000-person limit on temporary resident visas for Palestinians looking to flee Gaza is not a hard cap, despite previous suggestions.

In an interview on CTV News Channel’s Power Play, Miller told host Vassy Kapelos that “no,” the limit as previously stated is not set in stone.

“It is conventional for a number of these programs to have an internal number that is established. This was one that we thought at the outset — in the context of something being done in a relatively short period of time understanding that it’s a war zone in Gaza — was something to manage flow, understand what the numbers are, and then you know remain flexible on the fly if we do see numbers that exceed that.””

What really happened is that the Liberals are playing politics without regard for the consequences.

Consider the message this sends to the Jewish community. At a time of surging anti-Semitism, the Liberals are bringing in people from one of – if not the most – anti-Semitic areas on the planet. They are bringing in people whom approve – in the majority – of Hamas’ savage and barbaric attack on Israel.

In short, this is a terrible move by the government, and it is beyond clear that Justin Trudeau is willing to put Canadians at risk in order to boost his own political fortunes.

Spencer Fernando


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