The Liberals Think They Have A ‘Communications’ Problem. In Reality, They Have A ‘Everything In The Country Is Getting Worse’ Problem

The attempt to rebrand the carbon tax demonstrates how out of touch the Trudeau Liberals are with Canadians’ struggles.

As they continue to languish in the polls far behind the Conservatives, the Liberals still don’t get why they are so unpopular.

At every step of the way, they have resisted doing any kind of introspection or considering that they’ve gotten things wrong, and instead seem to think all they have to do is ‘communicate’ better.

Now, they’re trying to rebrand the carbon tax, claiming Canadians are ‘confused’:

“The federal government is considering a rebrand of the rebate program for its carbon pricing system in an attempt to tackle what it calls confusion and misconceptions about the scheme, the Star has learned.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have admitted they are losing the communications battle over carbon pricing in the face of a campaign from Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives to undermine the government’s flagship climate policy.”

Of course, the Liberals already tried this once. They tried to call it a ‘carbon price,’ as if that would fool people into not noticing how life is getting more and more expensive the more the carbon tax goes up.

Any further effort – including draconian attempts to order banks to relabel the so-called ‘rebate’ – only demonstrate the extent to which the Liberals are in thrall to far-left eco-radicals.

The ‘climate plan’ imposed by the Liberals is by definition designed to make life more expensive. The plan is to raise the cost of living so people consume less, thus driving emissions down. A declining per capita GDP – meaning Canadians are getting poorer – is exactly what the Liberal government wants to see. It is the point of their policy. It’s what they want to happen.

But of course, they can’t admit it.

So they act as if they just need to ‘communicate’ in a different way.

Not only is this deeply out of touch, it also shows profound contempt for Canadians.

The Liberals are unpopular because life in this country is objectively getting worse.

Our standard of living is going down.

Crime is rising. 

Taxes are up. 

Insane immigration levels are straining our services and weakening national cohesion. 

Our military is crumbling.

Our rights and freedoms are under sustained assault. 

Foreign agents serving hostile states have free reign to interfere in our democracy, spread propaganda, and destablize our society.

Rabid anti-Semites are on the streets intimidating Jewish Canadians and trying to bring down the Western world.

This is all happening on the Liberals’ watch, and Canadians are rightfully blaming the Liberals.

After over eight years in power, the Liberals now own all the problems in this country.

But instead of listening to Canadians and changing course, the Liberals think all of us have it wrong, and that all we need is to be exposed to the right ‘communication style’ from the government and we’ll all be on board with keeping Trudeau in power.

It’s a massive misreading of the public mood, and a massive misreading of reality.

Canadians aren’t rejecting Liberal talking points, we’re rejecting the objectively bad state of the country under Justin Trudeau’s governance.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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