Rob Oliphant Has To Go

Someone who spreads the ‘genocide’ lie against Israel, and who thinks funding should be given to Hamas-linked UNRWA has no business serving in any role in Canada’s government.

The deep radicalization that has taken place within elements of the Liberal Party of Canada represents a serious risk to our country.

A party that was once relatively centrist, moderate, and largely pro-Western civilization in their outlook, has now become home to many anti-Western and anti-Canadian viewpoints.

Justin Trudeau tries to pass this off as a ‘diversity of perspectives,’ but there’s nothing positive about having people in government who side with terror-linked organizations and who spread lies about democratic nations.

Unfortunately, Rob Oliphant – Canada’s current Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs – appears to have gone down the radical path.

In a Zoom call with a constituent, Oliphant not only spread lies about Israel – falsely accusing Israel of ‘genocide,’ he also made clear he supports our tax dollars being given to Hamas-linked UNRWA:

“On the call, Oliphant decried Canada’s recent decision to defund the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), the main UN agency providing aid to Palestinian refugees.

“When I read that we were pausing money to UNRWA — I’m going to be very clear — it was political. And I don’t just mean domestic politics. It has to do with our allies,” Oliphant told his constituent. “I thought it was the wrong decision.””

“He also offered his own viewpoint on the merits of the case against Israel.

“Do I believe there’s genocidal activity on the part of Israel?” he said on the call. “Probably yes, from what I have seen.””

Clearly, this is what Oliphant really believes.

And he has the right to believe it.

But he should have no place in the federal government.

UNRWA staff have been credibly linked to Hamas’ terror attack against Israel.

Hamas was operating directly beneath UNRWA’s headquarters.

UNRWA staff celebrated Hamas’ mass murder, mass rape, and mass torture of Israelis.

Hamas textbooks and teachers indoctrinate young people in Gaza and the West Bank with horrific anti-Semitism, creating generation after generation of terrorists and robbing those young people of the chance to be decent and compassionate human beings.

To think that Canadian taxpayers should once again give our money to UNRWA is absolutely unacceptable.

Likewise, falsely claiming Israel is commiting genocide is also unacceptable.

John Spencer – Chair of Urban Warfare Studies at the Modern War Institute, has noted that Israel is taking more measures to protect civilian lives than any country he has even seen:

Here’s a bit of what Spencer wrote:

“No military fighting an entrenched enemy in dense urban terrain in an area barely twice the size of Washington D.C. can avoid all civilian casualties. Reports of over 25,000 Palestinians killed, be they civilians or Hamas, have made headlines. But Israel has taken more measures to avoid needless civilian harm than virtually any other nation that’s fought an urban war.

In fact, as someone who has served two tours in Iraq and studied urban warfare for over a decade, Israel has taken precautionary measures even the United States did not do during its recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“By contrast, Israel provided days and then weeks of warnings, as well as time for civilians to evacuate multiple cities in northern Gaza before starting the main air-ground attack of urban areas. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) employed their practice of calling and texting ahead of an air strike as well as roof-knocking, where they drop small munitions on the roof of a building notifying everyone to evacuate the building before a strike.

No military has ever implemented any of these practices in war before.

The IDF has also air-dropped flyers to give civilians instructions on when and how to evacuate, including with safe corridors. (The U.S. implemented these tactics in its second battle of Fallujah and 2016-2017 operation against ISIS in Mosul.) Israel has dropped over 520,000 pamphlets, and broadcast over radio and through social media messages to provide instruction for civilians to leave combat areas.

Israel’s use of real phone calls to civilians in combat areas (19,734), SMS texts (64,399) and pre-recorded calls (almost 6 million) to provide instructions on evacuations is also unprecedented.”

Oliphant is ignoring all of this, so he can go along with a discredited and frankly disgusting false narrative demonizing Israel.

If the Liberal government is even the slightest bit willing to live up to their claim to support Israel, then they will remove Oliphant from his role. If they fail to do so, they will be confirming that the radicalization has spread much further than many feared.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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