Jagmeet Singh Hit With Yet Another Community Note

This would be funny, if Singh wasn’t doing so much damage to the country.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has been hit with yet another community note on Twitter/X.

Fresh off the passage of a despicable pro-Hamas motion in the House of Commons, Singh claimed the motion “forced” the government to take specific actions:


The vote is in and we have forced the Liberals to:

– Stop selling arms to the Israeli govt,
– Support the ICC and ICJ,
– Place sanctions on extremist settlers,
– and much more

Every single Conservative MP and some Liberals tried to block it – they failed.”

This has happened to Singh many times, showing his propensity for lying to Canadians.

And it would be funny, if he wasn’t doing so much damage to the country.

Under Singh, the NDP has embraced an extremist pro-Hamas stance that is incentivizing anti-Semitism and dangerously dividing our nation.

At the same time, Singh props up the Liberals, enabling Trudeau to continue wrecking our economy and putting our rights and freedoms at risk.

So, there isn’t much that’s funny about what Jagmeet Singh and the NDP are doing to Canada. The lying, the extremism, and the incompetence from Singh and his cronies makes our country worse and worse every day.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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