Trudeau Can Blame Others All He Wants, But Canadians Know Things Have Gotten Far Worse Under His ‘Leadership’

Canadians are tuning out the Prime Minister, and rightfully so.

There’s a fascinating scene towards the end of V for Vendetta, when rage against the fictional authoritarian government has boiled over and people take to the streets. The dictator – as usual – makes an address to the nation, but this time nobody is listening.

People don’t look at the TV.

People don’t listen to the radio.

People simply don’t tune in.

The public is done listening.

While Canada is not quite in as dire straits as the populace in the movie, something similar is happening here.

Justin Trudeau and other Liberal cabinet officials keep flying around the nation making tons of announcements.

They keep demonizing Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre in increasingly absurd and aggressive ways.

They keep spending tons of our money.

Yet, the polls don’t budge.

Most Canadians appear to be simply tuning out Trudeau.

They may see or hear him talking, but the words are meaningless.

Canadians are waiting for him and his government to go away.

No matter what Trudeau says, Canadians simply don’t trust that it will mean anything of substance or improve our lives.

As noted in a recent BNN Bloomberg story, “Trudeau tried to win those [young Canadians] voters back with his youth-focused April budget, but his polling numbers have continued to decline.”

Simply put, Canadians know things in this country have gotten much worse, and they know that decline has happened while Trudeau was in office.

There’s nothing he can say or do to change that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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