Look At This Chart Of Food Bank Usage – Another Massive Trudeau Failure

Everything has gotten worse under Trudeau.

The Liberals keep on talking.

But most Canadians aren’t listening.

Because no matter what the Liberals say, Canadians can see the reality all around us:

Everything has gotten worse while Trudeau and the Liberals have been in power. 

Just look at this chart of food bank usage in Toronto:

This is the result of Justin Trudeau’s policies.

Trudeau has imposed an eco-radical agenda that drives up prices, decreases productivity, and kills investment.

He’s imposed a carbon tax that takes more money out of our pockets.

And amid our declining productivity, Trudeau massively ramped up immigration, pushing up the cost of housing, straining our already-crumbling public services, and increasing social tensions.

Canadians continue to pay the price for Trudeau’s failures.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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