DELIBERATE SABOTAGE: Immigration Is Still Massively SURGING Under Liberal Government


Amid the crumbling of Canada’s social cohesion, the collapse of public services, and a housing affordability crisis that is among the worst in the developed world, the Liberals continue to deepen their deliberate sabotage of our country.

As you can see below, population growth is absolutely nuts – almost entirely driven by immigration:


Let’s call this exactly what it is:


The Liberals know what they are doing.

They know these insane immigration increases are wrecking the country.

Yet they are doing it anyway.

Canadians must understand this. All the economic pain, all the suffering, all the lost dreams and lost hope, all of it is because the Liberals want it to be this way.

Every day brings more and more evidence that the Liberals hate the Canadian People and are actively working to make our lives worse and worse.

Spencer Fernando


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