Canada’s Per Capita GDP Recession Continues While The Liberals Claim Your Vacation Will Destroy The Planet

We are being led by insane people.


Today we learned that Canada’s GDP rose 1.7% on an annualized basis in the first quarter of the year. That sounds good, until you realize that’s not keeping up with population growth.

It was also far below the Bank of Canada’s prediction of 2.8% growth.

As a result, Canada’s per capita GDP fell 0.7%, and we are now back to 2014 levels.

This is a lost decade.

Canadians are getting poorer.

While other countries have raced ahead, Canada has been left behind.

So how are the Liberals responding?

They’re telling you that going on a summer vacation will cause the planet to burn.

Liberal Health Minister Mark Holland recently went on an insane rant in the House of Commons.

Holland attacked the Conservatives for wanting Canadians to be able to afford summer vacations.

He said Canadians driving around in their cars would mean “giving up the future of the planet.”

He said Canadians going on vacation would be “letting the planet burn.”

Clearly, Holland needs a mental health checkup.

Yet, he’s not alone in his insanity. He said what many Liberal-NDP politicians think.

They are so unhinged and detached from reality that they think Canadians using our cars will destroy the world, despite the fact that Canada accounts for just about 1.5% of global emissions.

We are being led by insane people.

People like Mark Holland want to take your money and destroy your standard of living, all so he can feel like some sort of climate hero.

And this would all be funny, if it weren’t for the fact that these crazy climate communists still hold the reins of power for another year.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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