WATCH: Poilievre Says China Doesn’t Take “Little Potato” Justin Trudeau Seriously

The facts back that up. Trudeau commands no respect.

In a press conference following the Trudeau Liberal cabinet shuffle, Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre slammed the Trudeau government on a wide range of issues.

Poilievre ripped into the finance minister, the infrastructure minister, the carbon tax, the decision to keep Seamus O’Regan in cabinet, and more.

He also reminded people that Trudeau had called China’s “basic dictatorship” his “most favoured jurisdiction in the world,” adding, “I’m not sure he still feels that way.”

Additionally, Poilievre said China has no respect for Trudeau:

“The Chinese leadership does not take him seriously, they call him ‘Little Potato,’ they have shown him complete disrespect, and this is consistent with his reputation all around the world.”

Poilievre’s remarks can be watched below:

As I recently wrote, Justin Trudeau’s weakness, and Canada’s lack of military strength, means nobody respects us:

“When it comes to ‘soft power,’ we are seeing how empty that talking point is as our nation is shown to command zero respect worldwide. And that’s due mostly to Justin Trudeau, who may have a disposition that’s good at getting media attention, but is dismissed as laughably weak on the world stage.”

It turns out that rolling over and being a supplicant to every country doesn’t do anything except invite challenge and contempt.

Canada needs toughness and strength from our leadership, and right now it’s totally absent.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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It’s time for Canada to enter into a FREE TRADE DEAL China,
Justin Trudeau in exchange for the all the Canadians imprisoned in China.

Ben Eby

Canadians of common sense realize that Justin Trudeau is a weak, socially disoriented leader, who cannot be allowed a second opportunity at the helm of this country. Unfortunately, the Conservative party has not produced a leader who can swing the eastern voters to the right. Andrew Scheer is a decent man, however, political leadership is not his strong point. The person who should be leader of the Conservatives and the person who would demolish Trudeau is Pierre Poilievre.

Valerie Clark

I sent an email to Mr. Poilievre saying exactly that. He answered, saying that he wants to be Finance Minister and that Scheer is a good man.

Eric Blair

Absolutely agree


To be fair, most intelligent Canadian’s do not take Trudeau seriously either and see him for the utter failure he really is.

.Peter black

You raised a good point. How many intelligent Canadians are there. Wynne sure proved the absence of them in Ontario and Notley in AB. If you love socialism are you intelligent. Ask an escaped Cuban or Europeans who were kids in WW2 and you will be talking too intelligent aware people


Mr. Poilievre sure strikes me as Prime Ministerial material.

shawn harris

Justin Trudeau with his disastrous track record while governing Canada has revealed for all to see that being arrogant, hypocritical and pretentious, produces only failure on a national scale. Justin Trudeau , during his time in office has stumbled and fallen into one disaster or problem after another, usually of his own making and causing easily fixed or small problems to become larger and sometimes shameful. Such as how he says he can’t afford to pay what our veterans, or seniors want or need , but has no trouble sending our tax dollars to whatever country he currently favours. His… Read more »

Clive Edwards

Just In: Turdo is a watermelon; green on the outside and red on the inside. More specifically he reminds me of the watermelon in that Jim Carey movie, with Obama and now Trump playing Jim Carey’s part….