POLL: Majority Of Canadians Say ‘Gender Balanced’ Cabinet Should Not Be Top Priority

Just 27% say it should “be the standard.”

While Justin Trudeau has focused on gender and race as politically-correct ‘qualifications,’ for the federal cabinet, it turns out that Canadians don’t think it should the new standard.

According to a recent Angus Reid poll, just 27% say ‘gender balance’ should be ‘the new standard,’ while 45% say it should be “a goal but not a top priority,” and 28% say it “should not even be a consideration.”

This puts the Trudeau Liberals at odds with the vast majority of Canadians, as Trudeau has said ‘gender balance’ will be the standard for all Liberal cabinets – far different from what Canadians want.

When asked about the impact of ‘gender balance’ in the cabinet and government, 45% say it has a ‘positive impact,’ while 34% say it has ‘no impact either way,’ and 21% say it has a ‘negative impact.’

There was a strong party divide on the issue.

Among Conservatives, 46% say gender balance has had a ‘negative impact’ on the government, while just 14% say it was positive. Among Liberals, 67% say it’s a positive, while only 6% say it’s a negative. And among the NDP, 57% say it’s a positive, and 14% say it’s a negative.

A majority of both men and women say that ‘gender balance’ should either be a goal or not a consideration, again contrasting with the rhetoric of the Trudeau Liberals.

Even among Liberals and NDP voters, a majority don’t think it should be the ‘new standard.’

Clearly, the solid majority of Canadians want top cabinet posts to go towards those who are most qualified, instead of having roles given out based on politically-correct quotas.

Spencer Fernando


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