BOMBSHELL REPORT: San Francisco-Based Group Linked To U.S. Billionaires Caught Trying To Hide Strategy To “Land-Lock” Canadian Oil & Influence Our Elections

This is an outrageous level of foreign interference in our country.

There is more clear evidence that so-called ‘activism’ against Canada’s oil sands is being directed by billionaires and elites in the U.S.

Recent reports on a group called CorpEthics exposed how the San Francisco-based organization is fighting against Canada’s energy industry.

Now, they’ve been caught trying to scrub the fact that “from the very beginning,” they’ve wanted to “landlock” Canadian oil sands oil.

Here’s what highly-respected researcher Vivian Krause found:

WOW. Since reported this, CorpEthics re-wrote its web-site, deleting that its strategy “from the very beginning” was to “land-lock” oil sands crude. Also deleted mention of influencing elections Original: Re-Written:

I’ve included the photos that were shared by Vivian Krause in more detail below. Take special note of how they discuss ‘unseating’ the Conservatives in Alberta and nationally, and how they praise Trudeau for bringing in policies that they like more.

To get a sense of what CorpEthics is all about, consider these names among their list of ‘clients‘:

Rockefeller Brothers Foundation

Rockefeller Family Fund

Tides Foundation

Yep, that’s the same Rockefeller’s that made a gigantic fortune in U.S. oil.

And the Tides Foundation – who got involved in the 2015 election through Tides Canada.

What a coincidence…

This is an absolute bombshell story. It’s foreign interference in our country, manipulating our elections and trying to destroy a core Canadian industry.

So, it is now clear that anti-oil sands campaigns in Canada are not grassroots efforts on the part of Canadian Citizens, but are in fact being orchestrated and funded by groups linked to U.S. billionaires and corporate elites seeking to wipe out Canada’s energy industry.

Vivian Krause deserves immense credit for finding this information, and she is doing an amazing service to Canada and the Canadian People by exposing the efforts to devastate our Canadian Oil Industry.

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Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Eric Blair

This story has been told by the Rebel months ago and now Wendy Mesley is giving it some air. My question is what is Trudeau going to do about it because it involves his winning the election and possibly the forthcoming federal election as the Liberals have changed the ground rules. What a disastrous government we have… the worst ever for Canada.


I hope Vivian Krause is careful about her safety. I thank her, and you, Spencer for your work.


I don’t doubt the veracity of the above article in the least. At least the Yanks are “going gentle” with us, compared to how they are treating the Venezuelans, the Syrians, the Iranians, the Russians, the Chinese, the Iraqis, the Afghans, and most other nations of the world. Thank God Turdo is taking one from the Gipper. Trump is right about the wall, though. We need one along the 49th. We can check the backpacks of the hippies and the Indians for bundles of cash. And let’s fill the pipeline that takes Alberta oil to Texas with ‘bio-sludge”. That should… Read more »


Thank you again Spencer, it of course cannot be read as it should be in our mainstream media – probably owned by these same people – so most Canadians will never know, so scary and evil are these people destroying Canada. This is why we must support the Conservatives, but what an up hill battle. The USA was lucky enough to get President Trump (and look at the lies and slander they do to him) and grassroots in Canada better fight hard and support our Conservatives, to build the pipelines and hopefully to get Canada working again. Stand up for… Read more »

David MacKAY

It might be outrageous but it is nor rocket science any objective observer notes that Justin Trudeau, Notley and the Premier of BC are working with them – all have declared they want to leave the Oil in the ground…so how much more evidence is needed?

Ken (Kulak)

Vivian is a heroine for her efforts over many years to expose this crime against Canada. The sad part is that there are traitorous Benedict Arnolds among our people and including our current municipal and federal government that encourage and facilitate this travesty.

Ken (Kulak)

There seems to also be a number of traitors to Canada tweeting about Wendy Mesley’s exposure on Mesley’s twitter page.


Eager to hear how this develops, and for sure the “ bought” media will downplay. The interference with elections? I had read that Obama’s teams were working to get Trudeau elected in 2015. Is that what this is referring to? Thank you for posting.


Tide foundation has been found before with flies in their ointment, yet nothing was really done. And the “organizers” here in Canada of these so called “grass root groups” who one can assume were graciously thanked over the years will be investigated via paper and personal financial trail? Trudeau will not be happy with this being exposed, especially in an election year. Andrew this is your opportunity, don’t screw it up.


Families, businesses affected by this campaign must file lawsuits now and create a class Action against these groups & the Billionairs that funds them. The reason you are seeing the information scrubbing is because there is a high legal liability!


Yet despite this clear evidence, Butts, Trudeau and McKenna push ahead with a federal carbon tax to further strangle our economy, kill more jobs and lower our standard of living all to fight climate change. You have to wonder who they are “working” for as it sure isnt Canadians. In fact, Trudeau is directly responsible for killing 2 pipelines and will surely finish off TMX. What he has done is also outrageous if not treasonous.


In the USA’s State of Texas, according to the Canada Free Press, there was over 95,000 registered to vote immigrants and 48,000 actually voted. This could easily happen here in Canada. With another law that Trudeau’s LIEberals have put in that if you have a Canadian Citizenship it does not matter if you just came here and got one then left again or that you have not lived in the country since you were a child, you can vote by mail? just imagine where and how these votes will magically appear, and since we vote regionally these magically appearing votes… Read more »

shawn harris

First off, many thanks, Spencer Fernando, for such superior reporting. This kind of explosive and career ending news is rarely reported by the mainstream media.Well done Vivian Krause, she should be rewarded with Canada’s highest award, for bravery and superior service to Canada and all Canadians. Vivian Krause has exposed not only the environmental movement here in Canada as a the fraud it has been for far too long. Also this evidence proves that our last election in 2015 was corrupted and that the Liberals and Justin Trudeau have no legitimacy to hold power or the office of PM. Since… Read more »


I agree with you totally Shawn, the bought out fraudster corrupted Lieberals must be made to step down.
The Conservatives must do something now.


Not really a bombshell. It has been going on for decades. Canada has been run by vested interests for some time and it will continue. Our political and denocratic structures are near collapse.

Read More:


It’s not exactly news, this plot. Why wouldn’t the elites in the States block Alberta oil …they like things exactly the way they are, with Alberta losing millions a day because the only country we can sell to is the U.S. Trudumb played right into their hands.


Canada has so many resources. One has to have a more open and independent media who has the guts to investigate. Too often our own leaders sell us out. Brian Mulroney talked of and pushed for free trade. And what about the job losses. We used to make so many more things, all kinds of good things. Now some Canadians buy German cars but they normally do not buy our cars, free trade, free foolish..The number of new Canadians who say our land does not do enough for them and then buy a foreign made car? Or ship dollars from… Read more »

Ivan Hawkes

Spencer Fernando, I wan to thank you for making this information available to us, and I wan to cheer for Vivian Krause for her tireless research to discover this reality. Patriots like you need to be recognized for your contributions to supporting our lives in Canada. This discovery MUST be pursued by the government of Canada and the government of Alberta. Interfering with elections in Canada and industry in Canada should be viewed as international criminal activity, needing prosecution. I’m not talking about a fine, I’m talking about imprisonment. If the government of Alberta doesn’t pursue this discovery full force,… Read more »

On Feb 13, 2018: The judge dismissed all charges in the lawsuit brought against Dr Tim Ball by BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver. It is a great victory for free speech.
‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’.
“Human Caused Global Warming”, ‘The Biggest Deception in History’.