BOMBSHELL REPORT: San Francisco-Based Group Linked To U.S. Billionaires Caught Trying To Hide Strategy To “Land-Lock” Canadian Oil & Influence Our Elections

This is an outrageous level of foreign interference in our country.

There is more clear evidence that so-called ‘activism’ against Canada’s oil sands is being directed by billionaires and elites in the U.S.

Recent reports on a group called CorpEthics exposed how the San Francisco-based organization is fighting against Canada’s energy industry.

Now, they’ve been caught trying to scrub the fact that “from the very beginning,” they’ve wanted to “landlock” Canadian oil sands oil.

Here’s what highly-respected researcher Vivian Krause found:

WOW. Since reported this, CorpEthics re-wrote its web-site, deleting that its strategy “from the very beginning” was to “land-lock” oil sands crude. Also deleted mention of influencing elections Original: Re-Written:

I’ve included the photos that were shared by Vivian Krause in more detail below. Take special note of how they discuss ‘unseating’ the Conservatives in Alberta and nationally, and how they praise Trudeau for bringing in policies that they like more.

To get a sense of what CorpEthics is all about, consider these names among their list of ‘clients‘:

Rockefeller Brothers Foundation

Rockefeller Family Fund

Tides Foundation

Yep, that’s the same Rockefeller’s that made a gigantic fortune in U.S. oil.

And the Tides Foundation – who got involved in the 2015 election through Tides Canada.

What a coincidence…

This is an absolute bombshell story. It’s foreign interference in our country, manipulating our elections and trying to destroy a core Canadian industry.

So, it is now clear that anti-oil sands campaigns in Canada are not grassroots efforts on the part of Canadian Citizens, but are in fact being orchestrated and funded by groups linked to U.S. billionaires and corporate elites seeking to wipe out Canada’s energy industry.

Vivian Krause deserves immense credit for finding this information, and she is doing an amazing service to Canada and the Canadian People by exposing the efforts to devastate our Canadian Oil Industry.

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Spencer Fernando

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