Liberal MP Puts Country Ahead Of Partisanship, Joins Growing Calls For Investigation Into Trudeau PMO Scandal

New Brunswick federal liberal MP Wayne Long says allegations against Trudeau PMO “left me deeply unsettled.”

Wayne Long – the liberal MP for Saint John, New Brunswick – is joining the growing calls for an investigation of the Trudeau PMO in the SNC-Lavalin Scandal.

Here’s the statement Long posted on social media:

Long also shared his thoughts on Twitter:

“Let me very clear: 1. I am not making, or rushing to, any judgement when it comes to this matter. 2. Past experience in various fields as shown me that complete openness and transparency is the only way forward in situations like this.”

“3. As an elected official, I take my responsibility to represent my constituents above all else extremely seriously.”

This is a courageous move by Long. He’s taking a big political risk, since Trudeau, Butts, and the PMO will certainly seek to find a way to punish him.

But he’s standing up for what he thinks is right, putting the good of the country ahead of partisanship. Long deserves credit for that.

Long’s call, combined with the Ethics Commissioner investigation into Trudeau, shows that this is a real story, and a massive scandal.

The Trudeau government is trying to hide the truth from the Canadian People, and Canadians across the political spectrum need to unite and get the answers we deserve.

Spencer Fernando


Because Justin Trudeau is bailing out the establishment media with $600 million taxpayer dollars, independent Canadian voices like Spencer Fernando are more important than ever before. You can support Spencer Fernando with a monthly contribution through Patreon or by contributing through PayPal at the button below:

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Eleanor Merkus

I have great admiration for this politician. All Liberals should want the truth, but there some who will dissent because they feel their job and benefits will be on the line… Shame on them. We would like the real truth, and not from Trudeau. Why? He has failed in that regard for most of his 3 1/2 years as leader of this great country. Would it be too much to ask for a full investigation? I think Canadians deserve to know, whatever the outcome.


Just the beginning…good to see a Lib step forward to demand an investigation!!!


Mr. Long has said it very well. I congratulate;ate him on his stance and I wish more of the Liberals had as much integrity as he has.

Messianic Jew

Most Canadians are sick and tired of having their intelligence insulted. If trudeau and his ilk are honest, forthright, sincere, above board, and have conducted themselves honourably, then why hide? As the saying goes, and it begs the question: “If you have nothing to hide, then why are you trying so hard to hide something?” Just once in my life, I would like to see a politician, ANY politician say to an investigatory body; “Please, by all means, conduct a thorough investigation, because I have nothing to hide and I and my people have acted honourably in all things”. “And… Read more »

peter black

Corruption in high places led by Butts who is the most powerful traitor in the PMO and who is UNELECTED,

Ken (Kulak)

Good for Mr. Long. It is refreshing to see that some of our political representatives still have some integrity.

don morris

Wayne Long has already been punished by the PM when he was booted off at least two committees, there really isn’t much Trudeau can do now except boot him out of the LPC caucus,and in the current climate,that would be a serious mistake. Long may as well cross the floor,although the Liberals hold on Nfld. has been almost total since 1949, because he is finished in the Liberal Party. His calling for the committee to investigate the allegations is just his way of needling the PMO, as he knows very well the majority on the committee are Liberals and they… Read more »