Report Says Trudeau Is Considering A Statement Of ‘Contrition.’ That Would Mean He’s Admitting To Lying This Entire Time

He said he did nothing wrong. He said the story was ‘false.’ He said he ‘disagreed’ with Jody Wilson-Raybould. So, how can he now ‘apologize’ without confirming that he’s been lying to Canadians this entire time.

There are reports that Justin Trudeau is talking to his advisers about issuing a statement of ‘contrition.’

Here’s what the CBC report said:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is holding high-level discussions today to plot next steps in the ongoing SNC-Lavalin controversy — steps which may include Trudeau making some display of contrition over how officials in his office conducted themselves.

A senior government official said one of the options being discussed is for Trudeau to “show some ownership over the actions of his staff and officials” in their dealings with his former attorney general, Jody Wilson-Raybould.”

Here’s the big problem with that:

Justin Trudeau and his cronies started off by saying this whole story was false. Then they said there was no actual problem since Jody Wilson-Raybould was in cabinet. Then she left cabinet. Then they said she couldn’t speak. Then they let her talk about some stuff but not all of it, and she totally contradicted what Trudeau had claimed. Then they said it was just her ‘opinion.’ Then Jane Philpott resigned.

This has escalated from Trudeau saying the story was false, to now having his government in chaos because of it.

So, how can he issue a statement of contrition?

How can he ‘take responsibility’ for his staff when he claimed his staff did nothing wrong and said the story was fake?

If he issues a statement of ‘contrition’ now, then he’s admitting that he was lying the entire time. And if he was willing to lie to Canadians for three weeks, then nobody can trust anything he says. After all, Jane Philpott doesn’t even trust him, and she’s been working within the cabinet itself.

This is an absolute disgrace, and Trudeau’s words are nothing more than empty and deceptive garbage.

Spencer Fernando

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What can we expect, a statement saying he was very sorry he got caught trying to violate the criminal Code of Canada and he will try hard not to get caught again? How about Jane and Jody seeing things differently because of differences between men & women? I suspect the letters of support he claims to have received from all other Ministers were the result of the secret meeting. Provide letters of support or be at the receiving end of his hatred. Liberal Government members have to decide if they support Canada and it’s laws and standards or Trudeau and… Read more »


Well said.


he should resign and be done with it or call a election


Justin Trudeau is the most pathetic Prime Minister in the history of Canada. All his has done in his time in office is lecture Canadians, spend taxpayers’ money as though it was going out of style, and lie, lie, lie. When he scoots off to take his seat at the U.N., we’ll all be left to pick up the pieces of what’s left of Canada…if we can.


Are all the LIEberals going to admit to all the lies and deception? – there are many many out there, what about their fake foreign funded and pushed fixed 2015 election, they should never have been “in a position to run huge deficits, waste our tax dollars, change our fair laws, or support their friends illegally etc. etc. etc. with fixed, paid phony media.
I for one, would not believe anything this hate filled foreign run Trudeau pretend government has to say or believe it, it’s all just a distracting dog and pony show, yet again.

John E Senft

Very well said.


Well so many of us have sensed this all along. We so need a major change. So hope this doesn’t just fluff over. It has world wide ramifications. When is someone going to address that our loss with US trade is also because of our PMO arrogance and lack of knowledge. God help us!!

Messianic Jew

Who the hell is even willing to listen to a little boy in his early 40s with the mind of a 12 year old little girl, who is so inept that he can’t even glue his eyebrows on straight in the morning, nor even use the right glue. His popularity poll show a 33% support. You can bet your left testicle that that 33% were so high they didn’t even hear his rebuttal commentary.


“with the mind of a 12 year old little girl” 12 year old girls are more manly. They do not cry as much and they tell the truth more often.


Haha and that 33% was taken from the CBC head office.


Contrition! Trudeau? If he does this…that will his best yet.

Major Tom

Justin’s rendition of contrition is “Bali Ha’i…!”

Allen Burrell

Oh man….I hate it when they cry but that is a power over the man part of peoplekind when it comes to feminine tears. It would be interesting to see how JT would play it out. Tears and new socks, yep that should do it! I will be looking for snot. I understand there is no snot with fake tears.

David MacKAY

When Gerald Butts resigned Rayboulds father has said this is bigger than just about Lavelin, and after that we have Philpott resign?
Trudeau’s only act of conrtion would be to come clean in his letter of Resignation.


There are two female liberals that have ethics, but not enough ethics to quit the liberal criminal cartel. Only two.
Soon the Rats will start quitting and pretend they have ethics.
How pathetic to be a liberal.
Flush the Turdo in Oct, 2019.

Fred Dimmick

AMEN to that. Pants on fire!

don morris

If this ever occurs,I expect a veritable masterpiece by Butts/Trudeau, complete with lots of meaningless bafflegab and even a few timely tears. By the time Justin is finished,every Liberal woman in Canada will be crying and wanting to “just give him a big hug”.
Adults probably won’t buy it,but most of Trudeau’s diehard supporters suffer from arrested development,so he might just pull this off.

We need another Cabinet defection, I’m hoping Carolyn Bennett will pull the plug and move on,at age 68 with 21 years in the House,what more does she want?


He can not just trade it in. What he and some of his ministers have done is against the law. They need to be tried in s court of law it’s that simple. And as a tax paying Canadian I will except nothing less.

Ken (Kulak)

Spencer, I agree with your assessment.

But, I still think that this scandal will get swept under the rug and forgotten well before the election. The Liberal Party and liberal media will close ranks and bamboozle the public once again.

Now. lets talk about Duffy.


How about General Butts in a confessional listening to Justin bare it all and break out in a crying fit.


He and his father are the worst Prime Ministers this country has ever had. It will be a happy day when he and his minions are voted out of office.

Karen Anderson

How can anyone trust this guy,he has lied from one end of this country to the other. HE needs to go,no if ands or buts. Congratulations Justin for runing this country.The only beauty of this country is our landscape,how can any one want to stand on guard for thee. I have said this before God help us,and believe you me we need God’s help “NOW”


♪♫ O Canada…just another Socialist Justice Snowglobe…sponging off the safety net of the US of A….♪♫

Ralph Knapp

Let’s face it. The Boy’s campaign was a total lie and he wins. So far, in office, most every one of his utterances are lies. Since most of what he says is scripted and the scripts were prepared by Butts and his minions, Butts is a liar as well. I guess there’s something to say about maintaining consistency.

shawn harris

For any contrition coming from the mouth of Trudeau to be believed, it would would also demand the resignation of Trudeau and the calling of a new election. Otherwise , Trudeau’s words are nothing more than weasel words, used to virtue signal and justify himself, in his usually deceitful sanctimonious self righteous way. It will be very interesting to see and hear just how Trudeau will rationalise his words and actions , that up until now have changed by the hour and day. Trudeau is devoid of any real empathy, or sympathy for anyone but himself. Since Trudeau’s default reaction… Read more »


Apology would be carefully worded to avoid incriminating self. At best he would apologize for not having the foresight to see things through JWR’s eyes, and that this is why ALL Canadians should work harder to be more considerate. ALL Canadians must try harder to understand how two people could view a situation differently. Eyes well up. He would apologize for the failure of his staff to make his position on the importance of Quebec jobs known to JWR in a way where she would not feel pressured. He would take full responsibility for this personal failure. A tear will… Read more »