DISGUSTING: Taxpayer-Funded CBC Puts Omar Khadr On Easter Sunday Show

An appalling slap in the face to the Canadian People.

The argument for defunding CBC got another justification, as the forcibly taxpayer-funded CBC invited Omar Khadr onto their Easter Sunday show.

Khadr was featured on Tout le monde en parle, a show funded by the Quebec division of CBC.

A video of Khadr being welcomed by a bunch of pathetic fools can be watched below:


This is disgusting.

Omar Khadr already got $10.5 million in taxpayer dollars, and now the government controlled CBC is using our tax dollars to put him on TV in front of a cheering audience?

The timing is also horrendous.

CBC put him on TV on Easter Sunday, and even after the Sri Lanka terror attacks against Christians, still decided to run the segment.

So, not only did they fail to have the common sense to not invite him in the first place, but they couldn’t even show the most basic and minimal respect to Canadian Christians by cancelling the segment.

Why the hell are we paying taxes to fund that garbage?

Why should we give our hard-earned money to corrupt elites so they can glorify Omar Khadr and spit in the faces of Canadians?

Clearly, CBC must be defunded, and they have no possible defence for their appalling decision.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Typical CBC trash


What on earth is happening to this country?

Cheryl Prosyk

What is happening, is we have people in power that don’t have a clue on how to run Canada. Junior believes in third world culture and that it will enrich Canada. It is very sad that he has followers.


That is as low as any human can go. Shame on CBC and the Liberal gov..

Eleanor Merkus

I totally agree. What a despicable act! Defund the CBC right now!! Oh, wait….he is a friend of Trudope….That will never happen….Just like Jonathan Boyle was a friend. Probably still is! Trudy is the lowest of the lows.


Shocking, CBC is beyond horrible, just like our very destructive Laurentian elites, thanks to us taxpayers and our huge LIEberal debt, Khadr has joined their elite ranks, so disgusting. That is what CBC and the elite country destroyers are all about. De fund CBC, and the Laurentian elites and pay down the Canadian debt. Hopefully, Oct 21, the Conservatives will de fund CBC, that is one thing I wished PM Harper would have done.

Norbert Kausen

The CBC is a despicable DISGRACE!!! They are a global communist propaganda rag and REALLY must be defunded!!! Canadian Taxpayers should be OUTRAGED!!! I REFUSE to watch or listen to anything CBC!!!!


How did Khadr go from al-Qaida terrorist to celebrity? Those at CBC involved in this travesty should be fired. Another slap in the face for Sgt. Christopher Speer’s wife for this disgusting decision.

Phil Alexander

I guess this is a prelude to “The Personkind who can do no wrong” appointing his good friend to be the next Gov. General after his stunning reelection victory.


What a disgusting display. I have done an interview on CBC radio on adverse drug reactions being the fourth leading cause of deathin Canada, estimated to injure a million Canadians a year. I have had to leave the healthcare system to improve and only want them to bring some attention to the issue. I was bedridden in a severe state of poly pharmaceutical dementia with sensory overload so bad it was like Autism for three years fighting off doctors reaching for more toxins for a toxic brain injury that happened right in front of them. The CBC would not play… Read more »


What did CBC Quebec hope to gain from this? I am both shocked and appalled that this took place. From terrorist to celebrity with a 10.5 million paycheck. On Easter Sunday yet. What a disgrace.