POLL: Liberal Support Still Bleeding Away

Angus Reid poll shows Liberals falling further behind Conservatives.

A new Angus Reid poll shows the Trudeau Liberals continue bleeding support.

The party has now fallen to just 25%, far behind the Conservatives.

Here are the numbers:

Conservatives – 38%

Liberals – 25%

NDP – 18%

Greens – 11%

Bloc – 5%

People’s  3%

The Liberals have been on a continuous decline in the Angus Reid poll, falling from 31% in February to 28% in March, and now to 25%.

Meanwhile, Conservative support has remained steady, staying between 38% and 37% in the last three polls.

The Conservatives have a massive lead among men aged 35-54 and among men aged 55 and up, with 52% and 54% compared to the Liberals at 20% and 22% respectively.

The gap is narrower among women, with the Liberals trailing the NDP 32% to 40% among women aged 18-34, tied with the Conservatives at 29% among women aged 35-54, and trailing the Conservatives 27% to 43% among women 55 and up.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Carol Bolt

Good News Spencer. I wonder what the women are polling though and what the numbers are in Quebec. A lot of Quebecers that I hear do not consider Trudeau to be a real Quebecer. They frown on his use of the French language as well. So you never know.

Dave Allsopp

Unfortunately, the totals of Liberals, NDP, and Greens make for a mess if accurate.

The percentages matter dependant on where they exist in the country, as urban Ontario and urban Quebec eect the government in Cana

Young women still seem to be influenced by appearances and semi-sexual fantasies about “tall, dark, and handsome” men leading them to utopia…

Thank you Fernando for allowing me to comment on your important topics
as Facebook has disallowed my comments until May 22…

Dave Allsopp

…Ontario and Quebec “elect” the government of “Canada”!


Spencer, I’m sorry, if you wrote this but whomever did, wrote in such a confusing manner, I got lost at to which party had what support but which group. Especially once it was talking bout younger women. Perhaps I just need more coffee. I get that Liberals are rapidly and massively losing support; which they should.


Wow, what is wrong with so many women, they no longer want a country? they want a UN run LIEBERAL/NDP/GREEN party post national state. They want to be poor, hungry victims in a UN one world post national state (unless they are all rich? already), look at Venezuela, a socialist dream world, look around the world and see what these divisive corrupt governments do to their people. I want Canada for Canadians and a comfortable warm home and enough food, and jobs not forced labour or forced to try and migrate someplace else for this as so many are already… Read more »

shawn harris

The best description of the Trudeau Liberals fall back to reality is that of a spent piece of fireworks. Trudeau and his Liberal party shot into power like fireworks and now that they have nothing left inside themselves, but are an empty container, reeking of burnt gases; they deserve the consistently falling polling numbers. The numbers reflect the reality of misleading and deceitful promises and imagery, that Trudeau used to gain power. And now that he has nothing left but the same lies that got him elected as PM, it will be the same lies that will throw him out… Read more »