POLL: Liberal Support Still Bleeding Away

Angus Reid poll shows Liberals falling further behind Conservatives.

A new Angus Reid poll shows the Trudeau Liberals continue bleeding support.

The party has now fallen to just 25%, far behind the Conservatives.

Here are the numbers:

Conservatives – 38%

Liberals – 25%

NDP – 18%

Greens – 11%

Bloc – 5%

People’s  3%

The Liberals have been on a continuous decline in the Angus Reid poll, falling from 31% in February to 28% in March, and now to 25%.

Meanwhile, Conservative support has remained steady, staying between 38% and 37% in the last three polls.

The Conservatives have a massive lead among men aged 35-54 and among men aged 55 and up, with 52% and 54% compared to the Liberals at 20% and 22% respectively.

The gap is narrower among women, with the Liberals trailing the NDP 32% to 40% among women aged 18-34, tied with the Conservatives at 29% among women aged 35-54, and trailing the Conservatives 27% to 43% among women 55 and up.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter