D-DAY: Listen To The Original Broadcast Of Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King Informing Canadians That Allied Landing In Western Europe Was Under Way

75 years ago today, the PM told Canadians that the D-Day operation was underway.

On June 6th, 1944, Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King informed the Canadian People that the D-Day operation had begun.

King described how there could be local reversals as well as local victories, and steeled the Canadian People for a long campaign.

Despite acknowledging that the length of the conflict in Europe could not be known, he expressed confidence in the final outcome, anticipating the victory of the Allied Forces over Nazi Germany.

Below, you can listen to the original broadcast that would have been heard by the Canadian People on this day, 75 years ago:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Today’s politics is getting pretty confusing when the fallen is suppose to be remembered…
And now seeing the Queen shaking hands with the Chancellor of Germany on the 75th Anniversary.
Now, was this planned or a mistake?


I have the same problem with the victus games where the friends and foes keep changing…


It’s a very sad day, because I wonder whether the principles those boys gave their lives for are actually still important to the generations of today. Would our youth of today volunteer to storm the beaches to save our Freedoms? In a sense, the way Europe is devolving culturally, would a young lad from D Day feel the same moral compunction to storm the beaches again knowing that Europeans have become moral degenerates all on their own without the help of Hitler’s occupational armies? Europe may have been worth saving back in 1944, but as elitist socialist fascism and moral… Read more »