Instead Of Agonizing About How To Handle ‘Returning ISIS Fighters,’ Let’s Use Airstrikes To Ensure They Can’t Return

Pretty tough for someone to ‘return’ to Canada if they’ve been replaced with a smoking pile of rubble.

ISIS is among the most evil organizations ever to exist on the face of the planet. They’re so bad that even Al Qaeda thought they were often going too far.

Among the crimes committed by the terrorist group are suicide bombings, mass rape, putting thousands of women and girls into sex slavery, drowning people in cages, crucifying people, burning people alive, chopping people’s heads off, executing people for listening to music, ‘inspiring’ horrific violence around the world, and more.

Anyone who left Canada to join ISIS is complicit in the crimes of ISIS.

Look at it this way. When Canada was at war with Nazi Germany, how would our country have looked at someone who – instead of fighting for Canada – decided to leave Canada and go join the Nazis to fight against us?

That person would have been seen as a traitor, and there would be no hesitation in dealing with them as such.

So why should it be different for ISIS terrorists?

ISIS has declared war on the Western world, including Canada. ISIS has even called for attacks against innocent Canadians.

Any so-called ‘Canadian’ citizen who leaves Canada to fight for ISIS is declaring war on our country, and forfeits their rights as a Canadian. They become an enemy, not a citizen.

Yet, despite the fact that fighting for ISIS is obviously treason against Canada, we are in the midst of an absurd debate where the political elites agonize over how to deal with ISIS fighters, how to charge them, how to protect Canadians, and how to ‘integrate them.’

Remember, the Trudeau government has called for ‘reintegration programs’ funded at the expense of law-abiding taxpayers of course, to get ISIS fighters back into the community.

Trudeau even called ISIS fighters a ‘powerful voice for change,’ which is far nicer than anything he says about his political opponents.

We face what seems to be an insane situation: We could end up spending our tax dollars providing help to people who left Canada to join an evil group that wanted to kill Canadians and then ran back home once their evil group failed to succeed on the battlefield after committing countless horrendous crimes.

Of course, there’s another idea. A far better idea:

Use airstrikes to take care of the problem.

Canada’s allies have dominance over much of the airspace in which the remnants of ISIS remain. Instead of spending our money in Mali – which has zero strategic significance or benefit for Canada – we should shift our effort to something that could actually protect Canadians. While our remaining fighter jets are pretty awful compared to our allies, they’re still better than what the terrorist remnants posses.

Let’s send a few jets over to the region – which we had in place until Trudeau removed them – and use airstrikes to ensure that there aren’t any ‘Canadian’ ISIS fighters left to return at all.

After all, if somebody has been replaced with a pile of rubble, it’s tough for them to return anywhere, isn’t it?

Our country owes absolutely nothing to ‘Canadians’ who decided to fight for ISIS, except maybe a missile to the face. By leaving Canada, betraying our nation, and allying themselves with such an evil organization, they forfeited their right to live in our country, and we should take the necessary action to ensure they can never come back.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

Turdeau is more dangerous than these very dangerous ISIS terrorists


Interesting thought. I am sure by the felling is amongst many Canadians. Another expression from a few decades ago… “make their country glow”.
Unfortunately, pinpointing a target without innocent casualties is difficult. One would have to cooperate with local authorities to “corrall” them in a remote area… set up a tracking device… etc.
I am in no way condoning this , just thinking about the process to accomplish. Just like wanting to build a house… think of a plan.


well written , no respect , no mercy , if something alike would happen in china , they would be shot on the spot . yes they are communism but protection in china is way more better than here in canada . i start to believe that communism is more safe and respectful than capitalism .

Norbert Kausen

Communism is NOT more safe than “capitalism”, den!!! That is really a stupid comment! China is killing its own people in large numbers, as well as absolutely controlling EVERY aspect of their lives!!! Just how old are you?? Are you NOT aware of Tiananmen Square??? Are you not aware of their internal organ harvest policies??? Do your research BEFORE you make such uninformed comments!

old white guy

Be careful Spencer, rational, logical thought is very difficult for many Canadians. Great article by the way.


SPENCER all you have to do is read the law in regards to Treason , it clearly states any Canadian that is adding or abetting our enemy that we are at war with , these people will lose their citizenship and deported out of the Canada it is very clear , I am at a mystery that no politician has brought this up. Check it out


He won’t do it. Trudeau seems to want to have isis return so they can destroy this country.


“Any so-called ‘Canadian’ citizen who leaves Canada to fight for ISIS is declaring war on our country, and forfeits their rights as a Canadian. They become an enemy, not a citizen.”
Except in trudeau’s eyes. But he never was the sharpest knife in the drawer.