UNHINGED: Liberal MP Adam Vaughan Loses It Again

MP goes nuts after seeing something about ‘The Post Millennial.’

After seeing CBC’s attack on The Post Millennial, Liberal MP Adam Vaughan become totally unhinged, and went on a Twitter rant.

You can check out the rant below:

“Critiques boost circulation. CBC has driven people to fake news outlets and mainstreamed the voice of extremists, yet ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away… We’ve got a problem here.”


“Misspell their names, never provide a link to the sites & post comments without direct replies that let others link to bots who circulate trash may help a little. Calling out msm who unwittingly, deliberately or are irresponsibly complicit might help as well”


So, uhh, Vaughan is saying that people should fight ‘disinformation’ by spreading, uhh… disinformation?

Sounds legit…

The Post Millennial responded, linking to a post of some of the most crazy things Vaughan said:

Vaughan then talked about people “spreading hate”:

“There are organizations deliberately spreading outrageous and false news often in support of extremists. You may support this under the banner of free speech I don’t. It literally puts people in harms way and that’s wrong #DontSpreadHate”


Ironically, while Vaughan is talking about putting people ‘in harm’s way,’ he once said that Doug Ford should be ‘whacked,’ and was condemned by many for what was seen by some as a dangerous escalation of rhetoric.

People pushed back on Vaughan’s absurdity:

“Adam, our ownership is Jewish, Muslim and whatever the hell I am (Christian agnostic?). Our writers are more diverse than the legacy media your government is bailing out.

You only think we are “extreme” because we aren’t all enamoured with Justin Trudeau.”

Vaughan kept on going:

“I’m a politician… I’ll let the police and courts deal with hate from the charge and convict perspective. As for hate… it’s dangerous and must be denounced in every way”


Is Vaughan hinting that it should be a crime for a news outlet to not support the Liberals?

Whatever’s going on in his head, it certainly helps explain why the Liberals are pushing for an establishment media bailout, and why they’re demonizing anyone who questions them.

The angry and authoritarian Liberals are scared of Canadians expressing ourselves freely, and the more people who seek independent thinking, the more scared the Liberals become.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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