As Trudeau’s Foreign Aid Binge Continues, Canadian Veterans Waiting Longer Than Ever For Help

How can Veterans be “asking for more than we’re able to give” if the government has money to give away to foreign countries?

Recently, we saw news that the Trudeau Liberal government is giving away more of our tax dollars.

Over $200 million is being given to Caribbean & South American nations, so those countries can give the money to their corporations to ostensibly ‘fight climate change.’

Meanwhile, here at home, serious problems are getting worse:

A recent CP report indicates that Canadian Veterans are waiting longer than ever for help when calling Veterans Affairs for assistance.

“Obtained through the access-to-information law, the documents show the government has made little progress in recent years in cutting down on the amount of time veterans are forced to wait on hold when they phone federal call centres.

In fact, it appears the problem with the toll-free number — which is separate from the crisis line set up for veterans or family members dealing with mental trauma and physical injuries — has gotten markedly worse despite years of public criticisms.”

In fact, a stunning 84,000 calls went unanswered for so long that the caller hung up the phone.

That’s 20% of all calls made.

In previous years, about 10% of calls were abandoned, so things are actually getting much worse.

“Put yourself in the shoes of a veteran who is sick, calls (Veterans Affairs Canada) and is not able to get an answer,” said Sylvain Chartrand, director of Canadian Veterans’ Advocacy.

“What’s going to happen to this guy? Is he going to call back? Have we lost him? Probably some.”


Governing is about priorities.

In a sane world, the Canadian Government (the clue should be in the name), would put Canadian Citizens first. And when it comes to Canadian Citizens, Veterans should be at the very top of the list.

We clearly don’t live in a sane world.

It’s like The Upside Down from Stranger Things, a horrible mirror universe where nothing is as it should be.

Non-Canadians get put ahead of Canadians. Veterans get abandoned. The PM says ‘Veterans are asking for more than we can afford to give,’ even as he goes on foreign aid spending binge – a binge which previous governments, both Liberal and Conservative have also engaged in.

Our country needs to get our priorities back in order, put our Citizens and our Veterans first, and stop giving our tax dollars away while problems in Canada fester.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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10% to 20% is a 100% increase in unanswered calls. There has to be a severe deep cleaning at many Government Departments. Just a simple phone call from the new PM to the Minister and the Minister to the and Department Head. You have 60 days to fix things or your replacement will. Drain your Department swamp, whatever it takes. Firings, demotions, early retirement.

William Jones

As long as ‘he’ is in charge, the only change will be more waiting and more despair — ‘he’ has no idea what it is like to have to ‘want’ and depend on any bureaucracy for service — perhaps after the next election (if there is one) ‘he’ will discover there really is a real world out there.


No he won’t. If he wasn’t set for life before becoming PM, he sure is now.


Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives have done some talking on protecting Canada’s north and coastlines, getting better jets and subs and icebreakers, but I have not yet heard him talk about looking after the Vets but improving the military so hopefully he will be the first in a long time to get this really going. These non Canadian LIEberals say lots but do nothing just put us farther in debt, tax on the pot for the pot smokers, shut down our Canadian energy sector and make our taxes keep going up while spending billions for the UN and supposedly ‘girls”… Read more »

old white guy

The only way to “fix” Canada is to reduce the size and control of all levels of government. Canadians don’t want that, they are happy with their pockets being picked and their birthright country given to third world welfare seekers.

Diana M

I actually confronted one of the VET Facebook groups/page,,I said, “you didn’t want Mr.Harper, and you’re still not happy.” They said,” we didn’t have any other option last election.” I said, “sure you did, you could have voted for Mr.Harper…YOU chose not to do so., stop your whining now you got what you wanted”

Dwight Hogg

Do you know how many vets voted for Harper? For Trudeau? I was disappointed how the Harper Govt mishandled the Vet’s file but vets should have known it would be much worse with Trudeau.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau’s priorities, have since the beginning of his term in office, been more focused on what is going on outside of Canada, than fulfilling his duties to every single Canadian and their needs. Trudeau’s actions and words betray his commitment to promote and defend Canada and Canadians as nothing more than a slogan, a buzzword, to show off his fake virtuousness and deflect away from his failures to uphold and defend Canada, Canadians, our soverignty, especially those who have given so much , even their lives to defend Canada and Canadians: OUR MILITARY AND OUR VETERANS. To show such a… Read more »

John Forbes


John Forbes

The last episode with the Afghan Memorial has few if any parallels in the West for callous disregard for veterans families!
Simply staggering cruelty & disrespect for soldiers who have fought in a war – not of their choosing & been killed fighting for Canada!
For this alone Trudeau should be tossed out of office!

Norbert Kausen

Trudeau and his gang of henchmen…errr…ahhh….ummm….ehhhh…. henchpeoplekind, are an absolute disgrace to Canada! he and they have committed malfeasance at the very least, treason at the most! They must be held to account!!!

Eric Blair

And also… money spent on Canadian veterans is money that stays in Canada paying Canadians to service our brave veterans. Money sent overseas is lost to the Canadian economy just like money we send overseas to pay for foreign oil when we have our own oil. But something as simple as this is lost on Justin, he just doesn’t get it nor ever will.

Ken (Kulak)

He hates soldiers just like his father did.


These numbers are SO disheartening & I am not even a veteran!! So disgusting that our veterans are made to wait & wait – they didn’t ask anyone to wait when they were called to duty, they just went, as ordered. When Scheer gets in I hope he will put veterans at the top of the list of changes he will make to get this sorry country of ours back on its feet – & get the Vets back on their feet too with crisis intervention, appropriate medical interventions & equipment/prosthetics that they’ve been waiting years to get.


He not only ignores our Vets. he also is not paying the communities to support illegal migrants. The money he keeps giving away is borrowed money. He treats it like it was extra found money and it is not, its borrowed and we get to pay it back long after hes gone.

old white guy

We are not just giving away our money to foreign countries we are borrowing the money that we give away. All monies that are given to anyone become part of the deficit and then part of the debt. Canadians really are not very bright.

Karen Anderson

Trudeau,has refused to listen to the Canadian people. He moves at his own speed and will do what ever he likes,his father taught him well.If he is relected you know things will get a lot worst,he is enjoying his ride as P.M. and is having a good laugh at the damage he is doing !!!


The Veterans should be helped in everyway possible.Will Sheer become the fighting force for our conservative citizens. I sure hope he rejects every c bill that trudope has passed or going to pass.There’s a lot of so called Canadian hating libtards that believe true blue conservatives are wrong for wanting Canada to be a sovereign country that have a say on how Canada is governed. I have often heard conservatives say that having libtards as friends is alright even though they all want open borders,open immigration to all,shut down freedom of speech,Turning off our energy sector,making sure the UN gives… Read more »


Trudeau is an absolute criminal from all stand points!!! Why haven’t the RCMP arrested this treasonous dictator??? Why allow him to break the Laws and create new one for his own political gain??? Totally disgusting that people don’t see all of the corruption that he is guilty of !!!


I find this to be the most despicable thing about the idiot. October cannot come soon enough.

William Jones

Considering the reality, as spoken by ‘him,’ wherein he has a hate-on for ‘old stock white Canadians and has continuously demonstrated nothing less than contempt for our armed forces, it is only natural for ‘him’ to ignore the plight of veterans, those who served to protect him, as well as our country, acting under orders from the government of Canada,. There is also the Trudeauism wherein his personal contempt is all too evident when dealing with both veterans and the armed forces. In short, he is not (and never can be) suitable as a ‘leader’ of anything, specifically our country.

Guy-Paul Roy

Just maybe Justin can give the Pipeline away to some foreign Country and then he won’t be tagged with Buying the Pipeline as to SHUT IT DOWN. He said he would if he could.

Clive Edwards

Canadian government not answering the phone to veterans? Have you ever tried calling the Firearms Registry? They’ll send you a letter threatening all sorts of nasty things if you don’t call them and then they do not, will not or can not answer, no matter how many times you call and how long you stay on hold. If they don’t smarten up, people will stop playing the game. It’s bad enough that Canadian military personnel are not defending Canada, but are actually attacking those who really are defending their homes and families. That is still not a reason to abuse… Read more »