As Trudeau’s Foreign Aid Binge Continues, Canadian Veterans Waiting Longer Than Ever For Help

How can Veterans be “asking for more than we’re able to give” if the government has money to give away to foreign countries?

Recently, we saw news that the Trudeau Liberal government is giving away more of our tax dollars.

Over $200 million is being given to Caribbean & South American nations, so those countries can give the money to their corporations to ostensibly ‘fight climate change.’

Meanwhile, here at home, serious problems are getting worse:

A recent CP report indicates that Canadian Veterans are waiting longer than ever for help when calling Veterans Affairs for assistance.

“Obtained through the access-to-information law, the documents show the government has made little progress in recent years in cutting down on the amount of time veterans are forced to wait on hold when they phone federal call centres.

In fact, it appears the problem with the toll-free number — which is separate from the crisis line set up for veterans or family members dealing with mental trauma and physical injuries — has gotten markedly worse despite years of public criticisms.”

In fact, a stunning 84,000 calls went unanswered for so long that the caller hung up the phone.

That’s 20% of all calls made.

In previous years, about 10% of calls were abandoned, so things are actually getting much worse.

“Put yourself in the shoes of a veteran who is sick, calls (Veterans Affairs Canada) and is not able to get an answer,” said Sylvain Chartrand, director of Canadian Veterans’ Advocacy.

“What’s going to happen to this guy? Is he going to call back? Have we lost him? Probably some.”


Governing is about priorities.

In a sane world, the Canadian Government (the clue should be in the name), would put Canadian Citizens first. And when it comes to Canadian Citizens, Veterans should be at the very top of the list.

We clearly don’t live in a sane world.

It’s like The Upside Down from Stranger Things, a horrible mirror universe where nothing is as it should be.

Non-Canadians get put ahead of Canadians. Veterans get abandoned. The PM says ‘Veterans are asking for more than we can afford to give,’ even as he goes on foreign aid spending binge – a binge which previous governments, both Liberal and Conservative have also engaged in.

Our country needs to get our priorities back in order, put our Citizens and our Veterans first, and stop giving our tax dollars away while problems in Canada fester.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube