POLL: Scheer Leads Trudeau Among Indigenous Canadians

Justin Trudeau may talk a lot about ‘reconciliation,’ but his words are increasingly seen as empty.

The Liberal government has tried to sell themselves as the ‘leaders’ on ‘reconciliation’ with Canada’s Indigenous Peoples.

Yet, a Maru/Blue survey shows that people aren’t buying it.

In fact, despite the endless efforts of the Liberals to demonize the Conservatives, it turns out that Andrew Scheer narrowly leads Justin Trudeau among Indigenous Canadians.

According to the survey, Indigenous Canadians pick Scheer as their top choice for PM, with 20% choosing the Conservative Leader.

Trudeau trails with 19%, followed by Jagmeet Singh at 14% and Elizabeth May at 10%.

Additionally, the Liberals trail the Conservatives and NDP among Indigenous Canadians.

The Conservatives and NDP are tied for the lead with 26%, while the Liberals trail with 24%.

This is a direct result of the yawning gap between Justin Trudeau’s rhetoric and his actions.

Trudeau crowed about having a strong Indigenous woman as Attorney General, then booted Jody Wilson-Raybould when she wouldn’t do the bidding of Trudeau’s corporate elite buddies.

He’s also appeared far more focused on helping non-citizens and illegal border crossers than he is with improving conditions for Indigenous People.

Trudeau may have had success in 2015 by piecing the right words together, but now that he has an actual record in office, more and more people don’t trust anything he says.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Scheer should be leading among ALL Canadians! Vote wisely friends!


Based on what? He hasn’t given any indication as to the types of policies he would impose and how they would make any positive change to the country. I don’t trust him either way. His opinions on LGBTQ, women’s rights, the environment, etc. are the same regressive garbage as Harper. No chance cons are getting my vote.


Indigenous (Aboriginal) bombardment for another day!! The way they and the media go on, one would think that they are the only people in Canada who vote and are the ONLY people in Canada!!! They certainly act like they are the only ones who matter! Disgusting!!!!

Shawn Harris

It’s no wonder that Scheer is more trusted and believed than Trudeau among indigenous voters. Scheer hasn’t used them as a means to gain power, mock them with fake tears of remorse and meaningless apologies as Trudeau has done at every opportunity he gets. Trudeau is the duplicitous one, who tries to use first nations and indigenous peoples for votes while doing nothing to help them. It has been said that to stab someone in the back, you first have to be standing behind them, that describes Trudeau perfectly. While stabbing the indigenous and first nations in the back, he… Read more »


Illegals get far better treatment and support than Natives. Trudeau’s priorities are very clear, and they don’t seem to involve Canadians.


Polls are like giving candy to children, it sucks them in buying a political fairytale, like the voters do each election… still nothing changes for the better… the only difference is.. you get bigger globalist governments and further higher taxes that rob your families… still no one blinks an eye… lol