FOOLISH: Conservatives Strangely Musing About Closer Ties With Saudi Arabia, Giving More Foreign Aid To Gulf Region

Dumb move.

In what can only be described as a dumb move ahead of the election, the Conservatives are musing about getting closer to Saudi Arabia, and even potentially giving more foreign aid in the Gulf region, at a time when many Canadian Citizens here at home are in need of help.

According to a recent CP report, “A Conservative government, if elected this fall, would work to fix Canada’s relationship with Saudi Arabia by trying to build back rapport with the kingdom in areas that it considers of mutual interest. Erin O’Toole, the Conservative critic for foreign affairs, said in an interview they would try to “win some trust” with Saudi Arabia by focusing on improving commercial ties and by offering more aid, development and refugee support in the Gulf region.”

“More aid, development and refugee support in the Gulf region?”

That sounds like a Trudeau-government move.

Why should Canadian taxpayers give more of our money to foreign countries, especially when so many of our own Veterans are homeless, and many parts of our country don’t even have the basics like clean and safe drinking water?

And why are we wanting to strengthen ties with the Saudis, when they are our competitor in the oil market?

This is incredibly foolish, and is the same kind of elitist pandering that we all rightfully criticize from the Liberals.

Canada doesn’t even have free trade within our own country, considering all the restrictions between provinces, so why don’t we fix that before talking about trading with regimes like the Saudis.

This musing about closer ties with the Saudis is concerning coming from the Conservatives, as it seems to point to them continuing the ‘tradition’ of a Canadian foreign policy that is always based on trying to appease foreign countries and submit to the whims of others, rather than standing strong and focusing on building up our own nation here at home.

With that said, the Conservatives are still so far getting it right on China, advocating a much tougher approach than the pathetic weakness of the Trudeau Liberals. That’s the kind of toughness we need more of, instead of talk about getting closer to Saudi Arabia and giving our money away.

Spencer Fernando

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Wrong move PC !


Really shows that your vote doesn’t count as our government system will continue to go by the agenda that has been planned decades ago..
So sad really.
Been voting for the least to screw me and still didn’t work.

Andrew Lynch

Really dumb move
This is why I’m going PPC

Steve Sedore

Welcome aboard Andrew.


This Move is Not Only Foolish, it is Utterly Stupid! It is becoming very apparent that we are Voting in Another Corrupt Liberal Government when Voting Conservative. It would be a Very Intelligent Move, if Andrew Scheer Backtracks on this Stupid Decision. Does Andrew Scheer Not Understand that Canadians do NOT Want to get Closer to Middle East Countries in any Way, Shape or Form. Another Liberal Lite Dictator??


I am a member of the CPC, but am very very close to sending in my card. I am losing confidence in Scheer. Where are the strong people we desperately need to run this country?

old white guy

Tore mine up decades ago.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Del, tear it up but phone the CPC HQ in Ottawa before you do like I did with the option of not voting for them if they stay the course. I going with Bernier.

Tanya Gaw

They are in the PPC….Maxime Bernier…there is no mistake where Bernier stands on this issue. Cut foreign aid and ties with Countries wherein the Totalitarian leaders are pocketing the funds. Think of all the billions Canada has given the UN in foreign aid…and has anything improved or has it gotten significantly worse?

Lynne Westlund

I can not believe that the leaders of our political parties are even considering such assistance to countries in that area when the needs of our own citizens go wanting. Tax paying citizens in this country should voice strong opposition.

alan skelhorne

come on mr. scheer, do not start this bs, get the pipelines built, lets start making money for Canadians, not helping Saudi arabia, start deportation at 500,000, then claim bankruptcy, then maybe we can rebuild Canada.. no more monies going anywhere except Canada.


The Conservatives better rethink that move, is Erin O’ Toole a lieberal implant in the Conservatives? We realize that eastern Canada, and yes I live in Ontario and it is slipping badly also, with all the lieberal “lie” media in full force against our Doug Ford and Conservatives in general and so many “new Canadians” here trying to find their way believing these lies. and slant. Conservative Ontarian s will really hate this O”Toole Conservative announcement, it is a scary thing to me. Do we have a FOR Canada party left in Canada? This was the only FOR Canada party… Read more »

Major Tom

Just what rapport should Canada have with a regime that is independently wealthy… Shariah compliant, funds The Third Jihad, persecutes Christians and Jews, beheads and amputates as punishment, et al…….Just what rapport? Do we have to follow the money trail?


These countries we keep pouring our money into are not and were not poor they have badly corrupted governments, like our Canadian government is not for their own tax paying people ere in Canada.

Guy-Paul Roy

Justin promised BC they would never have to protest another Pipeline ever again. Justin bought the Pipeline with OUR money as to shut it down. He said he would if he could. Sheer will own OUR Pipeline now. Maybe Sheer will use the same politics as Justin used ?? to get elected? We do have Islamophobia without Infidelophobia!!

Clive Edwards

This is the last straw. I’m voting for the People’s Party of Canada now for sure. Saudi Arabia and Israel are two murderous and rich regimes in the Middle East, neither of which deserve our support.

Nolan Diamond

Wake up Clive, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. It allows Arabs to run for office in elections. Stop believing left wing fake news.


I don’t believe this CP report. ..

old white guy

Why would Canada borrow money to give to the oil rich middle east? Are we really that stupid? Is Sheer really that stupid? Apparently the answer is yes. And yes, we would have to borrow the money, as we are running huge deficits and a massive debt, we have no money.

Steve Sedore

I am with you, I am another Old White Guy.


I have been thinking seriously about voting PPC. I do not trust Sheer. He is a weakling and never stands up for all the issues that concern me. I don’t want another Trudeau, so quite sure I will cast my vote for PPC, and pray to God it is the right move.

Steve Sedore

YES JUDY, I think your decision is the correct move. I am a Founding Member of the PPC party
and I believe What Maxime Bernier says, he says it in english and the same thing is said in French, he does not say one thing in english and something else in French.
Welcome aboard.


I think the PCC is our best and basically only option that makes any sense for us conservatives. Scheer will not stand up for conservatives I can see it coming. I agree he seems weak. Doesn’t have the same conviction for Canadian values and that Bernier is displaying. Got a bad feeling about Scheer.

Shawn Harris

There is no logical reason for giving Trudeau an advantage or for giving him credibility when it comes to asking people to vote Liberal. And that is exactly what this very stupid decision by the Conservatives does. Even still, this is hopefully made loud and clear to Scheer, that he has to be the exact opposite of Trudeau and present his Conservatives as ready, strong and prepared to be the next government. A government that is entirely different than the last one. Lastly as government in waiting, the last thing you do is go pandering for votes. You make a… Read more »

Steve Sedore

Hi Shawn, it is easy to see that Scheer is and has been”in bed” with Trudeau all along.
That is why (after I woke up)
I shredded my CPC card and became a member of the PPC with Maxime Bernier as the leader.
I believe what he says in english and the same thing in French.
I believe he is the only one that can lead us forward.


If this is true, what the heck! Andrew Scheer fix Canada first. Stay out of Saudi Vs Iran Conflict. You will lose support if this is true!

Gonzo the Magnificent

Andrew is just a centrist Justin Trudeau. I came to my senses a few months ago. There is only on conservative leader: Maxime Bernier. There is no other. So vote for Andrew and see where it gets us in any sphere of life.

Steve Sedore

Well said Gonzo




For the PC to do that somebody had to be paid off. This is not normal behavior from a human being with any scruples or morals IMO.

Steve Sedore

Hi Larry, What else should we expect from another MORON.

Robert Ward

Why is Canada giving aid when Saudis have more money the we do , let them give, is our Gov’t stupid?

William Jones

If Scheer and the Conservatives ‘dance around this fire’ they will get burned — badly.

Tanya Gaw

Vote Maxime Bernier…there is no mistake where Bernier stands on this issue. Cut foreign aid and ties with Countries wherein the Totalitarian leaders are pocketing the funds. Think of all the billions Canada has given the UN in foreign aid…and has anything improved or has it gotten significantly worse?

Tom Quiggin

Why should we send aid to the Gulf Region when some of the richest countries in the world are there? (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait etc). Let them pay for their own problems.

William Jones

An incredibly idiotic decision. It would appear that Scheer wants to ensure that the Conservatives get tossed out of the running very early in the game. However, came up with that one should be fired and whoever convinced Scheer to adopt it should be fired — and now we come to Scheer and a lot of ?????????