Karina Gould Is Now Canada’s ‘Minister Of Disinformation’

What else should we call someone who is spreading disinformation on social media while she hypocritically claims to be against that very act?

Karina Gould is Canada’s minister of democratic institutions.

Yet, her real title should be MINISTER OF DISINFORMATION.

After all, as I recently reported, Gould has been spreading misinformation on social media, even as she claims to be against that exact thing.

Gould falsely claimed that the Ford government in Ontario is ‘defunding’ education, even though education spending is UP.

Here’s what I wrote about it:

“Keep in mind, Karina Gould is the one who threatened to shut down Twitter if they didn’t listen to the Trudeau Liberals demands on ‘fighting misinformation.’

Yet here she is, spreading misinformation herself.

Her claim that Ford is ‘defunding’ education is an easily provable lie. It’s not even close to the truth. A quick glance at any news report, or a look at the Ontario budget proves that she is lying.

So, Karina Gould lies and spreads misinformation, yet somehow thinks she has the credibility or authority to dictate to social media companies.”

So, given all the deception coming from Gould, Canadians should bestow upon her a new title:


That’s what Gould has become, and it’s only fair to accurately describe the job she’s doing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Al Dingman

The only time a Lieberal Crime Family member lies is when they open their pie-hole.

Major Tom

The addled advising the befuddled……

Bob Easton

Rachel Notley had several ministers of disinformation, (lies) fear mongers lying to discredit Jason Kenney, and look how well that worked for her!


Karina Gould is just another Lying, Corrupt Liberal who MUST be Kicked to the Curb this October!