Conservatives Call For Emergency Meeting To Hear Directly From Ethics Commissioner

Expect the Liberals to continue the desperate cover-up.

Following the bombshell Ethics Commissioner report on Justin Trudeau, the Conservatives are calling for the Ethics Committee to hold an emergency meeting in order to hear directly from the Ethics Commissioner.

That has become especially important, considering that the Ethics Commissioner revealed that they were denied information by the Trudeau government that would have been relevant to the investigation.

Peter Kent has sent a letter to the Committee Chair calling for the emergency meeting:

The letter can be read below:

Peter Kent Letter

Of course, with the Liberals doing everything possible to hide the truth we can expect that they will continue their desperate cover-up, and block any attempt to get answers for Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Lynne Mayotte

I do expect the Ethics Committee to force Trudeau’s hand, because Trudeau himself is too arrogant and ignorant and corrupt to stand and do what is right — that is to resign.


I just read in the Toronto Sun that a RCMP spokesperson said that they are going to look at this !!!!! I hope this is true. Dear Dear Spencer, with all your connections and your great at telling us the truth can you look into and tell us what is going on with all these billions of dollars for “infrastructure” ( they claimed to have bought buses with?), where is the rest of that money, and all the billions$ in this very questionable lieberal infrastructure bank, it seems to be all secret, little news anywhere on what is actually happening.… Read more »


Incredible that Canada actually has a criminal for a PM. If this is allowed to continue, how long until we are the next Venezuela? Incredibly dangerous, shocking and frightening.


Trudeau said it was his job to protect Canadian jobs and that is exactly what he did. Then it must be his job to lie to all Canadians about his un-ethical behavior. It also must be his job to call his then A.G. a liar, fire her from that job, kick her out of caucus and throw her under the bus. This also must be his job.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau is a proven liar and now a proven violator of the law; obstruction of justice and is desperate to see that he is neither held accountable or have this damning evidence destroy his chances at re election.
The only solution is not another committee meeting, that gives no information and gets shutdown in ten minutes;is for Trudeau to resign now and face charges of obstruction of justice and corruption.
To save our democracy and the coming election from the destructive powers of the elitist tyrant Trudeau, he must be defeated .