Trudeau Government Betrays Canadian Steel Companies & Construction Workers By Letting Communist China Profit From Massive LNG Projects

Yet again, the Trudeau government sends a message to China that they can treat our nation like garbage without consequence.

Communist China continues to abuse Canada, treating our nation horrendously by arbitrarily detaining two Canadian Citizens, blocking our exports, and repeatedly denigrating us in official remarks.

And yet, not only is the Trudeau government refusing to take any strong actions in response, they’re actually ensuring that China profits from it.

As I reported earlier, the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction ripped the Trudeau government for allowing Chinese steel companies to produce parts of the two massive LNG projects in BC. The projects – valued at $42 Billion – will now be something that China is able to profit from, meaning jobs for Canadian construction workers, and profit for Canadian companies will be lost and go to China instead.

It’s a disgusting move for a government to make, and it’s much worse considering that it sends a message to Communist China that there are zero consequences for their ongoing abuse of our country.

The Post Millennial has also reported on this betrayal of Canada’s steel companies and Canada’s construction workers, speaking directly with the head of United Steelworkers:

United Steelworkers’ national director Ken Neumann says the Liberal government’s decision to drop tariffs on Chinese steel for the construction of two west coast liquid natural gas plants is “absolutely ludicrous”.

“They should be embarrassed because what they’re doing is continuing to give to China. Here’s a country that continues to dump. They’ve been found guilty,” Neumann told The Post Millennial.

“And yet they’re going to allow these Canadian projects to use Chinese steel to manufacture some of these modules in China and bring them over here – to me that is just absolutely ludicrous.”

Neumann says the government is abandoning Canadian workers and Canadian Steel:

“They keep telling us how they stand up for the workers and ‘we’ve got your back’,” said Neumann.

“Unsurprisingly, they’re not prepared to own up to what they’re doing and that’s abandoning Canadian workers and the Canadian steel industry and that’s where our members work.”


It’s tough to overstate how big a betrayal this is. Canadian workers will lose jobs, Canadian steel companies will lose profits, and Communist China will benefit instead, even as China treats our nation so horribly.

There are many reasons the Liberals must be defeated, and this is a big one. No Canadian should allow our government to sell out our nation and our interests to anyone, let alone China.

What a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Major Tom

Yet seniors and veterans wait months for medical treatment………

Moe S.

Last Monday Trudeau publicly stated, “One of the things that a Prime Minister’s responsibility is, and always is, is to stand up for jobs and to protect Canadians right across the country.” This lying hypocrite is using “jobs” repeatedly in his explanation in the SNC-Quebec saga, in his speeches, slogans, and electioneering. He just finished sucking-up to Unifor Canada’s largest private-sector union representing 300,000 workers, at the annual convention in which Trudeau stated the Lib gov’t has helped organized labour with “job creation and job protection.” Trudeau is nothing more than a skilled sociopathic liar. Just my opinion.


I wonder how much kickback corruption was in this destructive lieberal deal with China, this is just as bad or worse than the Sync Lav. crimes and is again hurting companies and workers, but that is Okay the RCMP is not checking where all the lieberal scam and corruption money is moving around, it seems, and there is little doubt that it darn well should be. Why are these people walking around free and not in prison, are we that stupid and we are facing yet another fixed election.

Eric Blair

You got that right Nancy. I look at these too dumb to be true decisions by Trudeau’s government against the Canadian workers and especially workers in BC as nothing but what needed to be done to get kickbacks into numbered Swiss accounts. Why else would they do it if not to profit for themselves. Spencer’s site and the Rebel is the only place you will hear of this and that is because they are not bought off. What a democracy, what a country!


Every morning we wake to find something even more disgusting about the Liberals, their elite donors and questionable supporters. Crooked at every turn and people still vote for them. Trudeau and his Liberals seem to be intent on destroying Canada. Why?

james isnor

I am not surprised that the PMO would do this. You can bet there was payola of some type involved. Money aside the quality of China’s steel products is almost always well below any Codes that are used in North America. I am a steel worker and know first hand of the crap that comes from China. Look into the Johnson St bridge in Victoria BC. I have been involved in major projects including a LNG facility where steel products from China were banned from use and quarantined for removal from site when found. Why is it the Liberal Party… Read more »


Canadian industries are broken they can not produce a T shirt even the pegs for clothing line,but they we help middle class by not having any jobs in Canada.


Yeah…job protection. For how long are we going to kowtow to communist China?