VIDEO: Journalist David Akin Tells Trudeau The PM Job “Was Not Created So You Could Work Through Your Issues”

Brutal and true.

During a press conference, journalist David Akin slammed Justin Trudeau, effectively cutting through Trudeau’s BS to make an essential point:

Trudeau isn’t entitled to the PM job.

Akin noted that the job of Prime Minister doesn’t just exist to be occupied by Trudeau, that he’s not “the indispensable man,” and even asked if Trudeau should consider stepping aside:

You can watch the moment below:

“The prime minister job was not created so you could work through your issues, maybe its time that you realize you’re not the indispensable man as the leader of the liberal party?”

Clearly, Trudeau has no intention of actually facing accountability. As I noted earlier, he keeps talking about his ‘privilege,’ yet is demanding to maintain the most privileged spot of all: Leading an entire country.

That hypocrisy must be punished at the ballot box.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Even in an election year, in Trudeau’s mind, it’s still all about him. Canada and Canadians are in a distant second place to him. Resign and let someone else take it from there? No. He’s not a team player unless he’s running the team. This is hard to watch.


Trudeau should be punished period. This coverup of the lieberals corruption(s) is just being pushed aside. The whole one world lefty racist divide us,hate us all, cult needs to go, and the spend more money than the country has and keep promising more while they close down businesses and we lose jobs, fake environmental taxes and SJW laws. Anyone stupid enough to want to serve them for nothing just broken promises higher taxes more debt and embarrassment etc. their tune would change quickly with no one left to steal from but themselves. I would rather vote Conservative and they will… Read more »

blane dahlin

Why can I never watch the videos post on here?

Don Taylor

Trudeau the Arrogant dimwit that he is doesn’t understand that people want to see him step down NOW

Moe S.

Are you kidding me! Because he had a privileged upbringing he grew-up ignorant. Here we go again, it’s not his fault, poor him. If this pathetic excuse doesn’t work, tomorrows news will be about how his emotions have gotten the better of him, he just couldn’t hold back the tears anymore while being interviewed by the government-sponsored CBC. Have the kleenex box handy folks, he’s not done trying to convince the Canadian people he “didn’t know any better.”

Dale Evjen

And punished it will be!!

Shawn Harris

David Akin nailed it with his statement, “that the Prime Ministers job was not created so that you could work through your issues, maybe it’s time that you realized you are not the indispensable man as the leader of the Liberal party?.” It clearly shows that just because Justin Trudeau is the son of Pierre Trudeau doesn’t make it automatic that he should become the dynastic succession to the office of PM, because he is a Trudeau. Trudeau is clearly arrogant beyond description, dismissive of any and all allegations of wrongdoing,shows contempt to Canadians, for having exposed him as a… Read more »


Why did Trudeau find it necessary to consult with allies? Is there some sort of arrangement with the Bunderbergs, with the elite of the elite, the hidden people that control the world, that might have been instrumental in handing control of Canada to a puppet like Trudeau? Was this a slip of the tongue? Why is Trudeau obeying the commands of the UN? Do his allies include the eco-terrorists, the enviro-fascists that are working to shut down the Western Canadian economy using foreign money? This is extremely disturbing. There is more going on that we cannot see. Is this election… Read more »

Don Lum

Because he is a enemy of the state and a failed politician …….and should be black listed like his face…..


I prefer he stay in place and get voted out. I hope people can see he is not deserving of this position and is a detriment to Canada.
I am surprised that a reporter was so upfront with Trudeau, and not removed by the RCMP? Will David Akin be banned from any further contact to Justin? That is the next story I am watching for. I will admit I am jaded and in the back of my head think, was this a set up because Justin did have his talking points ready? Hmm…