VIDEO: Journalist David Akin Tells Trudeau The PM Job “Was Not Created So You Could Work Through Your Issues”

Brutal and true.

During a press conference, journalist David Akin slammed Justin Trudeau, effectively cutting through Trudeau’s BS to make an essential point:

Trudeau isn’t entitled to the PM job.

Akin noted that the job of Prime Minister doesn’t just exist to be occupied by Trudeau, that he’s not “the indispensable man,” and even asked if Trudeau should consider stepping aside:

You can watch the moment below:

“The prime minister job was not created so you could work through your issues, maybe its time that you realize you’re not the indispensable man as the leader of the liberal party?”

Clearly, Trudeau has no intention of actually facing accountability. As I noted earlier, he keeps talking about his ‘privilege,’ yet is demanding to maintain the most privileged spot of all: Leading an entire country.

That hypocrisy must be punished at the ballot box.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter