WHAT? Following Leaders Debate, Ahmed Hussen Criticizes Andrew Scheer For Bringing Up Justin Trudeau Wearing Blackface


Following the federal leaders English language debate, Ahmed Hussen criticized Liberal leader Justin Trudeau for wearing blackface…



My bad.

He didn’t.

It turns out that Hussen actually criticized Andrew Scheer for bringing up Justin Trudeau wearing blackface.

You can read Hussen’s comments in the Tweet below:

“Disappointing that Scheer would bring up blackface to kick off a national debate without acknowledging real issues of systemic racism in Canada.”

Hussen’s Tweet is absurd, totally devoid of logic.


So, the guy who brings up blackface is bad, but the guy (Trudeau) who wore blackface is all good?



The Liberals are definitely desperate, but the fact that they’re now trying to score political points against Andrew Scheer for even mentioning that Justin Trudeau wore blackface might be a new low.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube