WHAT? Following Leaders Debate, Ahmed Hussen Criticizes Andrew Scheer For Bringing Up Justin Trudeau Wearing Blackface


Following the federal leaders English language debate, Ahmed Hussen criticized Liberal leader Justin Trudeau for wearing blackface…



My bad.

He didn’t.

It turns out that Hussen actually criticized Andrew Scheer for bringing up Justin Trudeau wearing blackface.

You can read Hussen’s comments in the Tweet below:

“Disappointing that Scheer would bring up blackface to kick off a national debate without acknowledging real issues of systemic racism in Canada.”

Hussen’s Tweet is absurd, totally devoid of logic.


So, the guy who brings up blackface is bad, but the guy (Trudeau) who wore blackface is all good?



The Liberals are definitely desperate, but the fact that they’re now trying to score political points against Andrew Scheer for even mentioning that Justin Trudeau wore blackface might be a new low.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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May to Scheer: “with all due respect, you arent going to be PM”. Well that remains to be seen. But its 100% guaranteed she wont be. Her arrogance is stunning. In fact I’d say its very possible Singh took votes from her (and justin) tonight


I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who heard that remark. This woman has been the leader of the Green Party for almost two decades, and the total seat count, via the ballot box, was two MPs, all the rest were MPs crossing the floor from other parties. In terms of percentage of the vote the Greens have never gone above 6%, maybe they might get to 10% this time but I doubt it. The Green Party is a fringe party, they used to be into a plethora of environmental issues but they are not even that anymore, they… Read more »

Donald O'Kane

Hussein, Trudeau and all you Liberals “If you can’t stand the heat then GET OUT of the kitchen”.


Keep digging that hole libs. You’re almost at the bottom…


I was listening a debate,but I have not heard Sheer saying anything what Husein said.I think Husein is out of order I certainly haven’t heard anything like that.


Hussen is only thinking of all the “irregular border crossers” he won’t be able to let into the country if Scheer wins.


This description of “Irregular border crossers” was made up by Trudeau and everyone keeps repeating it. These crossers are ILLEGAL Border Crossers”, NOT Irregular!”


Am I wrong then in thinking that Hussen approves of and is defending Trudeau repeatedly being racist and offensive? Only from the twisted mind of a Liberal. Disturbing.


NOt surprised , Hussen is a supporter of just the kind of mentality expressed by Trudeau’s black/brown faced behaviors.


Glad that he did bring it up. So everybody finds out who Trudeau is. An hypocrite.


He sounds very much like you-know-who.

William Jones

It’s politics and in politics, as we know, one can slide farther on B.S. than gravel and it is not near as hard on the footwear. That is what Hussen was doing, hoping to draw fire away from the reality of his ‘boss.’

alan skelhorne

I see a man, starting to get very nervous about the upcoming election.


First the Libranos attacked Scheer over a speech he made, in parliamentary debate over Gay civil unions, 15 years ago. Then they attacked him for his personal views on abortion, all but saying that people with pro life views should be excluded from public office. Then they bring up his dual citizenship, which he surrendered back in August, a nothing burger issue to start with. Now they are attacking him as being oblivious to race issues by attacking Turdeau’s pathology towards wearing blackface, and embarrassing this country on the world stage with his bizarre behavior. They must be reading some… Read more »


The Corrupt will Stoop to the lowest level that they can. They are Desperate!


I am appalled and shocked about the people that are in the government in this country. Canadians need to get this election right and show clown show we are taking our country back.