Trump Tweets Congratulations To Trudeau

Says it was a “hard fought victory.”

US President Donald Trump has Tweeted his congratulations to PM Justin Trudeau on his election victory.

Here’s what Trump said:

“Congratulations to @JustinTrudeau on a wonderful and hard fought victory. Canada is well served. I look forward to working with you toward the betterment of both of our countries!”

Trump and Trudeau have had previous clashes, but appear to have solidified their relationship. Trump is also seeking to ensure that the replacement for NAFTA is ratified, and needs solid relations with Canada and Mexico to try and achieve that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Garlet Farlett

Yep, congrats there Justin, another 4 more years of walking all over your inept crowd at trade negotiations.
Sincerely, The Donald.


Trudeau is a global follower and go out of his way to try keeping the US happy…
Canadians do not count.
The millinials of decades of global warming propaganda won this election for him.


After that Pres. Trump (if the globalists in the USA don’t get in) will have to start building a northern wall to keep “Canadians” out.


I doubt I will ever vote federally again. Elizabeth Msy won a landslide, even with a credible conservative candidate who campaigned for an entire year. The economy is going to get very bad before too long.

And when is Andrew Scheer stepping down?

Shawn Harris

And now comes the sellout of what’s left of our economy to America. Given Trudeau’s disastrous economic track record, don’t expect any positive results or benefits towards Canada. Under Trudeau Canada is already on the road to economic slavery to America, Trudeau will just finish the job.

Brian Mellor

Too bad Trump did not send Trudeau a support letter like Obama did two weeks ago.




Trudeau’s win is not a surprise, it is the result of demographic gerrymandering that the immigration system has created. More than 1/3 of Canadians are foreign born, they vote their in their interests not Canada’s. As a post-national state (something Trudeau is sadly correct about), whites and Christians will soon be numeric minorities and subsequent elections will reflect this fact.


For sure, we are in a rancorous political period, but that is not all bad. These have happened many times over the decades. After confederation, politicians were often at each others throats, fighting about things that we now take for granted. Our own founding Prime Minister was a corrupt drunkard. The 1930’s were so bad, many things were done by barter, for years. Ontario was full of bootleggers. Communists infiltrated everything in Canada in the 1940’s and 1950’s, and our own scientists helped the Soviets get The Bomb. Trudeau the elder was just as bad as Trudeau the younger. Right… Read more »


Walking in a store today listing to the employees speaking in a language that is foreign to me. It is telling me, they have no respect for this country and what we created. Very sad indeed.

shawn harris

It is not only immigration gerrymandering, but is also representative gerrymandering as well. In the form of where the ridings and seats are, example between Ontario and Quebec, there are about 200 seats. And from that the rest of the country is ruled over and told to accept the reality, your vote outside of Ontario and Quebec is a wasted vote. There could be better and more universal benefits for all Canadians if the seats west of the Ontario Manitoba border were to be cut in half and their representatives be doubled up in number. That would produce almost an… Read more »


Shawn That us a very good idea that would begin to make Canada much better.


To bad Trudeau doesn’t watch Discovery Science…
The propaganda no longer fits the actual science being discovered.
I learned that the axis has shifted backwards traced to the balance alterations by India’s massive water usage and China’s concrete construction boom. It is altering the equatorial shift.


Remember Canada as she is now because, in four more years, with Trudeau at the helm, you won’t recognize her. O my beloved Canada, how I weep for thee.


Betterment of the country? He obvious has too much on his hands to know what has been happening, and what has just happened to our country.

old white guy

Holy moly, has Donald lost it?

Gerri Page

It’s obvious Trump is not familiar with the airhead Justin but now he realizes he made a mistake about Trudeau with that comment.