DEBTOR NATION: Majority Of Canadians Plan To Cut Spending This Christmas

How long do the elites think they can pretend the economy isn’t terrible?

We see, yet again, another example of how Canada’s economy is in serious trouble.

If the economy was booming as the pathetic elites like to claim, then we would expect to see people planning to increase spending during Christmas.

But instead, the opposite is happening.

As noted by BNN Bloomberg, “According to new findings from Equifax Canada, 55 per cent of Canadians say they will spend less this year on holiday gifts. The report comes a week after an MNP LTD survey revealed 48 per cent of Canadians had less than $200 at the end of the month after living expenses and debt obligations, suggesting the anxiety is building around the amount of debt households already have. Taking on more debt at a time when there are so many economic uncertainties suggests it isn’t worth the unease and sleepless nights.”

That sure doesn’t sound like an economy that’s doing well.

In fact, it sounds like an economy that is an absolute disaster, with the whole tenuous house of cards only held up by a mounting burden of debt.

This is the inevitable result of high taxes, excessive regulations, the carbon tax, and government deficits that – instead of going towards massive infrastructure investment that could create jobs both now and in the future – has seemingly evaporated into thin air, doing nothing for the economy, providing no benefit, while adding massively to the debt.

Clearly, Canada’s economy is not doing well at all, and it’s only getting worse, regardless of what BS spin the elites try to fool us with.

Spencer Fernando