REPORT: McKenna Out As Environment Minister

Polarizing politician will be shifted to Infrastructure.

Catherine McKenna, one of Canada’s most polarizing politicians, will be shifted out of the Environment portfolio.

That’s according to a CTV News report, which claims McKenna will be moved to the Infrastructure & Communities role.

BC MP Jonathan Wilkinson will take over the Environment portfolio.

McKenna became the most visible face of Trudeau’s environmental policies, policies which severely damaged Canada’s energy sector, made life more expensive, did nothing to reduce emissions, and allowed foreign countries to keep increasing emissions while Canada’s economy was strangled.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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So Climate Barbie is being moved from one portfolio to another one that she knows nothing about either :Infrastructure & Communities . We’ll have to think of a new name for her ? πŸ™‚

Lance Boyle

Somehow, taking a selfie during a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new sewage treatment plant is something that I don’t expect Pothole Barbie to be putting high on her list of “things that give me a dopamine rush”.

The fact that she got bumped out of her insufferable and never-ending global junkets and entourage-filled self aggrandizement tours is a plus for me.

Flunkie: “Are you going to Madrid for the next Global Warming Meeting?”

McK: “No, I am going to New Denver to announce funding for their Sons of Freedom meeting hall. I am troubled by their dress code, however”

D. Jerome Hauk

I don’t know that this will change much of what she does…Infrastructure : roads, pipelines….she can be even more of an obstructionist in this portfolio


Will this give her more or less time in the public eye?
Did you know that Mckenna does not use her Husbands name. Have you read his opinion piece from Apr 19, 2018 in Maclean’s, about how “Canada is not a country” Scott Gilmore. It is an interesting read and shows me how the whole separation of Canada has been in the works, not by the west, but by the the liberals.
This is my opinion. Read the article and see if it’s yours.

Brian Dougan

Thank you Sue. The article is available online; no paywall. Here’s the link. Most of us will disagree with one of the writer’s assertions: “We do not even pass the most rudimentary test of a nation as those ‘united by common descent, history, culture, or language’ ”. Mr. Gilmore needs to read an unrevised; politically incorrect history of Canada. We were ninety-eight percent Euro before the cursed Trudeau the Elder….Almost one-hundred percent descended from “old stock” ancestors/lateral moves from the UK/Scandinavia/Netherlands/France. However; if he means we cannot currently be considered a nation–I somewhat agree. Still–We’re over (Seventy-five?) percent Euro.… Read more »


I posted an article that Scott Gilmore wrote in a Macleans article where he states he is married to Mckenna. Apparently it was not added to the conversation. . If you google him he has worked in the government in many capacities. I find it odd he would live in the USA.
“Scott Gilmore on our MPs’ most shameful behaviour”
by Scott Gilmore May 20, 2016


Great, isn’t Infrastructure in charge of TMPL?


She will be just as useless there no doubts.

Trevor Marr

Christmas has come Early for sane Canada??? How’s that for Climate Change? I warned Cathy long ago that she needs to worry more about Government Change, because it will be coming for her LONG before Climate Change!


cant fix stupid no matter how often and where you shuffle

pancake rachel corrie

Hear that flushing sound that’s Canada going down the toilet

old white guy

It is a pressure flush not not your average low flow flush.


Good riddance to Climate Cathy….trouble is the incompetent party that has a hold on power will continue to put a stranglehold on western energy and scuttle Canada’s economy!

Robert Anes

“Climate Barbie” must be a favourite of Justin: she is just as STUPID as he is.

Major Tom

Catherine would be best employed in an empty corner with either a crossword puzzle or a Meccano set…..

old white guy

Wow, and she did such a good job working to destroy Canadian industry. I guess this is a reward and the opportunity to destroy even more of Canada’s industry and infrastructure.

Brian Dougan

Not sure who aggravates me more–The screeching; phony McKenna; or the smug; self-righteous C. Freeland. Ugh. Both of them are intolerable.


From Environment to bike lanes…high heels optional of course.

William Jones

At last, relief from her screeching admonitions reflecting her disdain for Canadians.