WATCH: Pierre Poilievre Slams Fiscal Update

“The deficit is $7 billion bigger than the Liberals promised right before the election.”

The Trudeau government’s fiscal update is being slammed across the board, with deficits up, debt up, and growth down.

Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre slammed the update, pointing out two big broken promises by the Liberals.

First, the deficit is $7 billion higher than the Liberals said it would be ahead of the election. Additionally, the Liberals love to talk about the ‘declining debt-to-GDP ratio’, which can be a good measure of whether debt is sustainable or not.

Except, the debt-to-GDP ratio is getting worse in Canada, something the Liberals had promised wouldn’t happen under their watch.

You can watch Poilievre shred the Liberal fiscal update below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Excellent Mr. Poilievre! the last answer was the best. Those lieberal reporters looked stunned at real Canadian truth, gee will this ever hit the fake lieberal bought out media or will they turn it upside down or ignore the truth like usual. Thank you Spencer for this Conservative truth and thank you Pierre, great speech, great ending – those reporters looked like Trudeau when acting childish while trying to make fun of the successful Pres. Trump at the NATO meeting and got caught – must be another foolish lieberal look.


I’ve come to think, without difficulty, that I would like to see Poilievre be the next PM, even though for decades I swore I would never again vote for anyone federal from Quebec. This guy is SMART. I don’t want yet another Lawyer or Schoolteacher running the country. I want a Financial person with legal smarts in charge.


Maria I too feel this way, but if memory serves he is from Ontario and is a lawyer and a very intelligent man, like most Conservatives he certainly knows how to add and subtract and I also hope they look very closely at him to be leader.


Just looked up Pierre Poilievre again, he is from Alberta, studied there in university, not a lawyer though, he studied commerce, and international studies, then came to Ontario, he is a very sharp man, he certainly would make a good leader. I would like to hear more from him.

Ron Shaw

And old Lieing Bill continues in his liberal ways


I find it wrong that the media was interested in stearin the conversation away from the massive debt that we are having to incur.


That is what $600,000,000 buys, Sue. That “reporter” being ignorant was obviously a Liberal plant. Whoever he was working for should be banned just like the Liberals ban the Rebel.

Moe S.

As always, brilliant Pierre nails it. I enjoy hearing this intelligent man speak, i.e., “a recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose your job. A recovery is when Justin Trudeau loses his job.” Bravo! This man should be the new Conservative leader.


This was said first by Joe Clark about Pierre Trudeau. Like father, like son.

Glenda Cruikshank - Kirk

Between Justin Trudeau & the Liberals and perry Bellegarde & his sheeple, Canada is doomed!!


Welfare for the able bodied should be a government funded, tax-free loan. They are given financing for what they think theyll need until they believe theyll be employed. They should then have to pay back at least a third. Immigrants should have to pay back 100%, to ensure they come here with a job lined up ahead of time. No more welfare…no more gravy train Cut taxes dramatically for working people providing for families. Give start up businesses big tax breaks for value added goods and services, and expenses. It’s amazing how much tax they get on a single item… Read more »


I know that Pierre Poilievre is the BEST Candidate for our Next PM. I am hoping that this happens very soon!


What a slime ball, call an election , you dirtbag


I am genuinely concerned for the kids who skipped school to go to all these fake climate protests. Those under 40 will be caught up in a depressed economy trying to have enough paycheque left to pay the Trudeau Climate Tax and those under 20 will be fighting to even get a basic job. Will they offer courses on solar panel washing? How about lessons on scraping birds and bats off windmill blades? Those climate protesters will likely have a much lower standard of living than their parents and very likely be living with mum or dad and possibly even… Read more »