REPORT: Charest Claimed “No One Knows Canada Like I Do”

Do you agree?

Jean Charest, who most recently was the Liberal Premier of Quebec, apparently claimed “no one knows Canada like I do.”

That’s according to an article in La Presse. You can read an excerpt translated from French below:

“The former Premier of Quebec has not formally announced that he is entering the CP leadership race, but the thirty or so guests at the private meeting, the “club number 1” of Club Mont-Royal, have all understood that he was very strongly tempted by a return to politics.

Mr. Charest did not speak, but chatted with the guests. His presence at the club was scheduled more than two months ago, said businessman Serge Savard to La Presse reporter at the door of the private club.”

Charest appears increasingly likely to enter the Conservative race, yet it remains to be seen if he really “knows Canada.”

After all Charest repeatedly failed to bring the PCs into power when he ran the party, and Western Canadians instead opted for the Reform Party.

Additionally, Charest is totally offside with the Conservative base on numerous issues, including the gun registry, and the carbon tax. There is also tremendous anger in Western Canada at the fiscal unfairness which sees Quebec get billions from the West while blocking Western pipelines, and Charest will certainly be seen by many Canadians as a member of the failed political elite establishment.

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Absolutely not and we don’t need any Liberal pretending to be a Conservative and then rob us blind. Pierre Poilievre or Ambrose and no other selections or I won’t vote Con.

Glenda Cruikshank - Kirk

I needed a laugh on such a sad day of the service for Constable Allan Poapst in Winnipeg today and Charest didn’t fail to provide. Charest is a joke!!

Donald O'Kane

I would NOT be interested in having Charest as a CCP leader. We need someone that knows the concerns of Western Canadians and I don’t think he does.


Yes, and seeing Canada as a Liberal is NOT what the Conservative Party wants or needs! Charest is absolutely NOT wanted in the Conservative Party!

Richard FRITZE

Charest, another quebecker, demonstrates the distain with which Canada holds Alberta, after all that has taken place in the past decades e.g., more than $600 BILLION net paid by Alberta to the centre, never to be seen again. It shows how stupid he and the rest out east really think we are.


When are the Feds going to start using some of that $600 billion to clean up the depleted oil wells?


NO,If this man wins I will not vote, same as voting lieberal, it would just prove again that the elite lieberals and Quebec are totally ruling a very broken divided Canada.
Mr. Harper, the only PM Canada has had in a long, long time that was good for all of Canada, and fixed the Conservative party it was a truly tough job lets not break up the work this wonderful man did, I would much like Mr. Harper to come back instead.


Am I in the twilight zone. (Looking around and frightened)
This is not April Fools day. Cut that out.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.








A classic example of an out-of-touch Laurentian Elite. Even in his wildest delusions, does he seriously believe anybody in the west would vote for him?

Garlet Farlett

NO NO NO NO NO!! a former LIBERAL from QC leading the CPC?? NO!! How about NO!!

Norbert Kausen

Yeah, sure, Canada must look quite different under the influence of booze and mind-altering drugs! He also knows Canada as made up of a bunch of wimps who complain a lot, but are so apathetic, they let criminal politicians get away with high crimes and even treason! He knows Canadians won’t do anything to fight for their rights and freedoms or save themselves from tyranny, but will get all bent out of shape over some stupid hockey game! when something actually effects their lives, they simply shrug and say, “nothin’ I can do about it anyway.”. but if their hockey… Read more »


Arrogant ! He was a failure as premier . His 2010 Que budget was so bad , so full of tax increases that I still
have a copy of it to pass on to the next generation . This so called Conservative -NOT – had his Liberal
fiefdom brought down by massive province wide corruption and never ending strikes making headlines
around the world. Remember his famous statement ; ” I am going to rid Quebec of the reputation of being
the highest taxed jurisdiction in North America”. He made it even worse !


A PC Leader from Que? Kiss the Conservatives forever good by.


He was mentioned in the Charbonneau Commission in the last 15-20 minutes as taking envelopes from the MAFIOSO! NO TO CHAREST