REPORT: Trudeau To Speak Following Reports That Iran Killed 63 Canadians By Shooting Down Airliner

Canadian government will be under pressure to respond.

As more and more reports emerge that Iran shot down Flight 752, killing 63 Canadians in the process, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is set to speak at 2 pm eastern time.

Canadian officials have been briefed by US officials, and have reportedly seen intelligence indicating the plane was shot down by an Iranian anti-aircraft system.

At this time, it appears the shooting down of the plane was a mistake.

Trudeau and the Canadian government have been demanding more access to the crash site, while Iran is refusing to give over the black boxes.

Trudeau will face significant pressure to respond against Iran, perhaps by re-imposing the total trade embargo that his government had lifted.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Major Tom

I would rather watch Howdy Doody than listen to Trudeau……..

Gerri Page

Of course the script will be written for him because he lacks the intelligence about politics and needs his henchmen to do the thinking for him.


I will listen to Mrs Jones over the fence ,she speaks more sense that our PM .