“In Order To Keep Power, They Kill Innocent People Like Flies”: Canadian Man Who Lost Wife Condemns Iranian Regime “Murderers”

“Animals Have More Mercy Than The Rulers Of The Islamic Republic,” says Behrooz Rahimi.

In a gut-wrenching video, Canadian-Iranian man Behrooz Rahimi cries as he remembers his wife, and express his condemnation of the Iranian regime.

Rahimi’s wife Suzan Golbabapour was killed when Iran shot down a Ukrainian airliner.

Here’s the translation of what he said:

“This photo shows how happy we were together. We were very happy. We were two souls who had a wonderful life together. But, we never reached our goals. They were left unfinished.”

“My condolences to Iran. My condolences to all of Iran. To 80 million people who burn and suffer because of a bunch of murderers (criminals). The Islamic Republic are all criminals. In order to keep power, they kill innocent people like flies. Like flies they kill us. Animals have more mercy than the rulers of the Islamic Republic.”

Behrooz Rahimi’s strong words should be a clear message to all those who have tried shifting blame from the Iranian regime. It’s Iranians who have suffered the most under that regime, and they know the horrific violence and hatred the regime spreads.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Guy-Paul Paul

All this time I thought Trump was at fault for all the terror in the middle East!!


“Animals Have More Mercy Than The Rulers Of The Islamic Republic,” says Behrooz Rahimi.”
Nice to hear a clear confirmation of that from a Muslim, himself.
If anyone else stated it ? They’d be called ‘racists’ by the left, and especially Trudeau and his followers…
Sorry for your personal loss, Mr. Rahimi. May your dear wife rest in peace,and may Trudeau wake up to facts soon.

Gary major

All Canadians must push the liberal GVT. to declare the IRGC a terrorist organization as voted on in Parliament a year ago Democracy rules regardless of trudeaus views! DO YOUR JOB trudeau!


From India (our best Canadian PM ever) Mr. Harper said that it is really time that Iran had a change in their regime leadership so there can be peace again in the middle east as Iran ‘s leaders are radically religious.
(This is such a sad affair for the people of Iran and our Iranian Canadians.)
Instead of what Trudeau had to say- that the USA made Iran unstable? – It already was unstable for 40 years at least with despot leaders.


Hey, Michael McCain, you would do well to pay attention to this and pull your head out of your Butts.