Why The UN ‘Climate Refugees’ Decision Is An Attack On Democracy

If a country doesn’t have control over who it does and doesn’t let in, then how can citizens be said to have any real influence?

As I reported earlier, the United Nations has ruled that individuals who claim ‘climate refugee’ status cannot be sent back to the country they left.

While the UN will try to frame this as being about ‘compassion,’ the ruling is incredibly dangerous, and you can imagine why.

A key problem is that the ruling is really an attack on democracy.

As Citizens in a democracy, we are supposed to have influence over our elected representatives, who are supposed to serve us.

And a big part of that influence is being able to direct the course of the biggest decisions that impact our country. And when it comes to big decisions, the issue of immigration and refugee admittance is one of the biggest ones out there.

Who we let into our country, how many people we let in, and for what reasons, are all decisions that should be made by the Canadian People, and only by the Canadian People.

It’s simply common sense, and it’s what democracy is all about.

But with their ruling, the UN is seeking to trample over democracy, installing themselves as the final arbiter.

Democracy, and our ability to direct the decisions of our own country, is far too important and sacred to allow the UN to infringe on it.

Spencer Fernando

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Robert Abbott

Trudeau get out from the UN before your actions destroy Canada beyond repair.


Trudeau doesnt care about destroying Canada.

The globalists play Trudeau like a fiddle, and it makes me sick.

R Welgush

There is no climate emergency. No refugees from so called and misleading climate. Stay where you are


This is so true, but our UN puppet rulers have mostly done the damage by opening our boarders and bringing in so many new people to vote just for them (and their lying and bought out lieberal media) which is what helped carry this last election, by the next election, hopefully very soon, we may not stand a chance now to get a real democratic Canadian government ever again elected.


Amen! Preach it Spencer!

pancake rachel corrie



Is this what Trudeau is hoping for? A post-national state, controlled by One World Government? Sorry, but I accidentally dropped my firearm in the lake somewhere. Sorry.


Canada is being used as a test of what the Globalists want to do to the US. The thing is Canadians will take any BS that the government dishes out, do nothing, and vote that same government in again. As long as they are able to watch the “hockey game” everything is fine! Americans will rise up against it!
Shame on Canadians!

Gary major

Trudeaus the problem !

David Henley

Trudeau is doing what he set out to do. Destroy Canada. Anyone ask how he was elected? Canadians can’t be that stupid.


It is time to stand up and be counted! Canadians are too placid, and it will be too late if we do not do oppose this plan to take over our country.


With these “new” UN Dictums of “Climate Refugee” there is no longer a reason to get a Passport or Travel Visa.
These Dictums of the UN would erase the need and even make much Easier for anyone to go anywhere just by claiming to be a Climate Refugee and completely Bypass the need for Passports and Travel Visas.


Seriously? People are going to leave warmer weather for the cold of Canada? If they do it’s not because of weather, but rather because the government has promised them free stuff. And most will teatime their citizenship so they can easily travel back when they want.

Clive Edwards

Does that mean I can claim “climate refugee status” (southern Alberta is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer) and move to New Zealand? I’ve checked out normal immigration channels. If you aren’t independently wealthy they don’t want you.

Ruth Bard

The UN has been in the business of destroying democracy for decades now, so this latest salvo should come as no surprise.

Oh, and since climate is everywhere, there’s no such thing as a “climate refugee.”