Why The UN ‘Climate Refugees’ Decision Is An Attack On Democracy

If a country doesn’t have control over who it does and doesn’t let in, then how can citizens be said to have any real influence?

As I reported earlier, the United Nations has ruled that individuals who claim ‘climate refugee’ status cannot be sent back to the country they left.

While the UN will try to frame this as being about ‘compassion,’ the ruling is incredibly dangerous, and you can imagine why.

A key problem is that the ruling is really an attack on democracy.

As Citizens in a democracy, we are supposed to have influence over our elected representatives, who are supposed to serve us.

And a big part of that influence is being able to direct the course of the biggest decisions that impact our country. And when it comes to big decisions, the issue of immigration and refugee admittance is one of the biggest ones out there.

Who we let into our country, how many people we let in, and for what reasons, are all decisions that should be made by the Canadian People, and only by the Canadian People.

It’s simply common sense, and it’s what democracy is all about.

But with their ruling, the UN is seeking to trample over democracy, installing themselves as the final arbiter.

Democracy, and our ability to direct the decisions of our own country, is far too important and sacred to allow the UN to infringe on it.

Spencer Fernando