United Nations Says ‘Climate Refugees’ Can’t Be Sent Back

Another decision that seeks to reduce the sovereignty of individual countries.

It’s been clear for some time that the United Nations is actively seeking to undermine the sovereignty and decision making power of individual countries.

And that reduction of sovereignty and decision making power is really an attack on democracy. After all, us regular citizens may be able to exert influence over our own elected representatives, but we have no influence over the decisions of the United Nations. So any transfer of power from our own country to the UN means a loss of democracy for us.

Now, a recent decision by the UN makes their attack on democracy even more obvious.

The United Nations has ruled that ‘climate refugees,’ cannot be sent back home, regardless of what the country they enter wants.

In a ruling, the UN Human Rights Committee said that countries could be ‘violating the rights’ of refugees if the country sends them back to a place where climate change is an ‘immediate threat’ to that person.

You can already see the problem here.

It’s such a broad ruling that nearly anyone anywhere could claim that climate change is an ‘immediate threat,’ and could then use that to demand refugee status in any country they choose. Then, instead of that country having the sovereign right to either admit that person or not, they would have no choice. And if the country decided to send that individual back, the UN is claiming they can’t.

Issues of immigration and refugee admittance are among the most consequential for the future of a country, and those decisions must be made by the Citizens of that nation, not a massive unaccountable institution like the United Nations.

This ruling is a serious assault on democracy and our rights as Citizens.

Spencer Fernando