United Nations Says ‘Climate Refugees’ Can’t Be Sent Back

Another decision that seeks to reduce the sovereignty of individual countries.

It’s been clear for some time that the United Nations is actively seeking to undermine the sovereignty and decision making power of individual countries.

And that reduction of sovereignty and decision making power is really an attack on democracy. After all, us regular citizens may be able to exert influence over our own elected representatives, but we have no influence over the decisions of the United Nations. So any transfer of power from our own country to the UN means a loss of democracy for us.

Now, a recent decision by the UN makes their attack on democracy even more obvious.

The United Nations has ruled that ‘climate refugees,’ cannot be sent back home, regardless of what the country they enter wants.

In a ruling, the UN Human Rights Committee said that countries could be ‘violating the rights’ of refugees if the country sends them back to a place where climate change is an ‘immediate threat’ to that person.

You can already see the problem here.

It’s such a broad ruling that nearly anyone anywhere could claim that climate change is an ‘immediate threat,’ and could then use that to demand refugee status in any country they choose. Then, instead of that country having the sovereign right to either admit that person or not, they would have no choice. And if the country decided to send that individual back, the UN is claiming they can’t.

Issues of immigration and refugee admittance are among the most consequential for the future of a country, and those decisions must be made by the Citizens of that nation, not a massive unaccountable institution like the United Nations.

This ruling is a serious assault on democracy and our rights as Citizens.

Spencer Fernando

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Beverley Campbell

Climate Refugees can’t be sent back, hang on, I’ve got a good idea, when the first snow comes, flee across the border into the US, spend 6 months there, preferrably somewhere near the border, Arizona/Mexico border that is, then come back here for the summer, repeat…………….


Since Trudeau signed us onto the UN Global Migration Compact – which is what this is really all about : the movement of ‘people from over there’ to being ‘people over here’- Trudeau IS the one to blame for the dark future that THIS country WILL suffer under with millions of people coming here ‘ just because ‘ !!!!
I suggest people arm themselves while they still can A civil war may well be coming over this IDIOCY.


Instead of funding the corrupt UN and giving away billions to countries not our friends or allies we should be putting this money towards our military and the protection of Canada and our democracy, paying down our debt and making Canada prosperous and self sufficient again.

Brent Schapansky

And yet we are called isolationist for such views and told Canada “has an obligation”. Who made this obligation? Politicians who like to look good on the world stage by giving our hard earned tax dollars away to third world dictators that’s who.

R Welgush

The UN is a corrupt gang of thugs. Ignore them and do not acknowledge their statements, do not agree with them. Keep them out of our business and country. We don’t need a useless seat on the UN.


The UN can get stuffed.

Eric Blair

So expect a lot of Australian refugees coming into Canada shortly


Despite the fires the weather in Australia is much better than in Canada. I don’t expect they’ll come to Canada. With the cold here I’d love to be there.

Arie Intveld

Dear UNHCR: Climate change is an immediate threat to every living soul on Earth. Saint Greta Thunberg told me so, so it must be true! All 7.8 billion of us are “climate refugees” and we are all coming to live at your big UN house in New York City. Please send airline tickets but be sure to offset all the needed aviation fuel with taxpayer-bought carbon credits. Most importantly, will board and room be fully paid for by those nice taxpayers? Also, if you decide to move house to be closer to your black-face cheerleader in Canada, please let me… Read more »

Shawn Brake

The un needs to shut the hell up, it’s our country and we will decide what happens

Major Tom

The United Nations is controlled by the Red/Green Alliance…..Moscow and Mecca…….’nuff said!

Gary major

Send trudeau to the UN then lock the door to Canada

Garlet Farlett

Funny, I don’t remember seeing a “UN representative” on my ballot when I last voted. The UN needs to keep its nose out of our countries affairs.


There is no such thing as a “climate refugee,” “islamophobia,” etc…. This is all newspeak invented by Cultural Marxists.