Jean Charest Will NOT Run For Conservative Leader

Good news for all Canadians who want the next election to offer a real alternative.

Former Quebec Liberal Premier & apparent adviser to Huawei Jean Charest has decided against running for the Conservative leadership.

As I wrote for the National Citizens Coalition before the announcement, Charest would have been disastrous for the Conservative Party, and would have deprived Canadians of a real choice in the upcoming election:

“A Charest-Conservative Party would be no real choice at all. It would be barely distinguishable from a Trudeau-Liberal Party.

It would also be devastating for the Conservative Party itself. The Conservative base is smart and politically knowledgeable. They won’t be fooled by Charest. For every vote Charest may gain from ‘centrist’ voters, he’ll lose two from core Conservatives. And he’ll make the rise of a Western separatist party, or a surge in support for the PPC a near-certainty.”

Now, Charest has decided not to run.

He issued a statement explaining his reasons:


This is good news for the Conservative Party and good news for Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Thank goodness for that – one less ‘Liberal Lite’ running for Conservative party leader….


Thank god. He would have never won anyway.

Ben Eby

Nice to see Jean Charest still has a bit of brain attached!


Best move on Charest’s part. He would have been defeated right off the bat! Conservatives and the Majority of Canadians don’t ever want him again!


In an odd sort of way I quietly wanted Charest to be in the running, possibly to win. WEXIT would have exploded on to the National scene and cleaned up in the West.

Guy-Paul Roy

Truly a sad day for the Liberals when a Quebecker Liberal will not be on the PC.


Good! One down and one (MacKay) to go.

Wink Dinkerson

He should run, then the real conservative party can make a real difference. But, with a one party system disguised as a two party system, I doubt they’re that daft.

Gary Pawson

When Charest declares that, quote “I have received numerous call’s from all around the country etc.”, is he referring to the supposed nation of ‘Quebec”, or of ALL Canada? It would seem to me, that anybody west of the lake head who would ever consider this OBTUSE idea of him being leader of the Conservative gang might need professional help! It would just be the same old same old with some made guy from Quebec! THAT, is not what we need.

john cox

He’s a has been Lieberal supporter. Time to have some better candidates

Miles Lunn

He was never going to win leadership, still I hope he runs as candidate. I actually think being a Quebecer, he could help push Energy East through as the West would benefit if Energy East is built so having someone from Quebec in the party be it him or someone else well known and respected in the province could help push it through which would be a win-win for both Quebec and oil rich provinces in the West. Tom Flanagan had an article today referencing how the West needs to be build bridges with the East to ( and he… Read more »

David MacKAY

Bernier called it – the Conservative party is no longer any good. It is corrupt to the core. It was hijacked by liberals in a corrupt elections to make Scheer the leader to ensure that the party was unelectable. They succeeded, are still in control and want to pick another leader to ensure the party remains unelectable.