“This Makes Them Dictators”: Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Subchief Slammed “These Five So-Called Hereditary Chiefs,” Says They Don’t Speak For Wet’suwet’en

It appears the Liberals have been colossally ignorant in making a deal with five chiefs who don’t even seem to represent those they’re claiming to.

With more and more questions being raised about the legitimacy, or lack therof, of the five hereditary chiefs claiming to speak for the Wet’suwet’en People, there are a growing number of individuals coming forward with those concerns.

At the beginning, this wasn’t such a big problem. But now, the Liberals have elevated and negotiated directly with an individual going by the title ‘Chief Woos,’ who appears to have only been in that ‘hereditary’ role for less than a year, when the title was taken away from a woman and handed to him.

Now, there is attention on a recent story by the Globe & Mail, discussing the concerns of a hereditary subchief in the Wet’suwet’en territory:

“These five so-called hereditary chiefs, who say they are making decisions on behalf of all Wet’suwet’en, do not speak for the Wet’suwet’en,” Gary Naziel said. “They are neither following nor abiding by our traditional laws. They are changing them to suit their own purposes, to benefit themselves,” he told The Globe and Mail.

In doing so, Mr. Naziel adds, many hereditary chiefs and matriarchs are being disrespected, bullied and targeted. This echoes what Rita George, a hereditary subchief and expert in Wet’suwet’en law, said on Thursday. Mr. Naziel, from the Laksilyu (Small Frog) Clan who was groomed for leadership from birth, says the Wet’suwet’en name “is being dragged through the mud and used by other First Nations across Canada to wage their own battles.”

Naziel added that the five chiefs are “changing our system,” and that by refusing to consult with hereditary subchiefs in the feast hall, “this makes them dictators.”

Naziel says three of the five chiefs, including the most prominent – Frank Alec – are not actually from the Wet’suwet’en nation:

Naziel explained that the system is matrilineal, meaning the lineage is inherited from mothers. He says Frank Alec, Alphonse Gagnon, and Warner Naziel “are not from the Wet’suwet’en nation”:

[Mr. Gagnon] and [Mr. Naziel] are Gitxsan. [Mr. Alec] is from the Lake Babine Nation.”

As a result, they are said to be “name holders,” and not actually hereditary chiefs. According to Naziel, “Name holders cannot have any say for what happens on our territories. They cannot make decisions on behalf of the clan.”

As reported previously, both Frank Alec and Warner Naziel (cousin of Gary Naziel), got their titles from women who were stripped of them:

“They did not get their names the proper way. They took them,” Gary Naziel said.”

These facts – which have barely been reported and have gone unmentioned by the Trudeau government – show that the Liberals have been complicit in a coup against the Wet’suwet’en People, allowing legitimate leaders to be silenced by usurpers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I suspect this is a deliberate move by Trudeau and the Toronto elite.

Eric Blair

Why can’t this government do some due diligence for once with this file. We have got two, count them. two indigenous cabinet ministers and the liberals still can’t get it right. The G&M this time plus as always the Rebel and you of course, Spencer, have got the facts straight but not our federal government. I seems Trudeau is paying lib service to our indigenous peoples by having two cabinet ministers. One is a former doctor (who probably ought to have been the minister of health instead of Patty Hajdu) and the other is just a school buddy of Trudeau… Read more »


Trudeau Liberals show it’s always about buying people off to get his desired results at the Canadians Taxpayers expense. Communism??

shawn harris

What more proof do Canadians and first nations people need to see, to show that Trudeau has no understanding or respect for the laws of Canada, let alone first nations laws. Remember, that Trudeau was complicit in his attempts to undermine Canadian law by willingly trying to obstruct justice with SNC Lavalin. And here he is again showing just how far he will go to get a deal, by legitimizing frauds who have no real authority to make deals. Trudeau shows clearly, he is more comfortable with frauds and criminals , while making deals, than he is with making decisions… Read more »

Guy-Paul Roy

This all may be true? Yet they are Royal Dictators. Not just your everyday dictator like Pierre’s buddy Fidel Castro or Justin’s Xi Sing Ping.


My assumption is that Turdeau has turned over the day to day to Gerald Butts. Isn’t this just trademark work by the Butts Government. His cabinet ministers aka Buttheads are duped by the phoney Hereditary Chiefs and the pipeline construction remains dormant as desired by Butts. This fiasco foreshadows the TMX construction project. Alberta should accelerate a Wexit strategy. Remember, Butts and Canada now own TMX. Alberta should be charging them rent for storing useless pipe on our land.


Well, I guess Trudeau the dictator, loves other dictators. There should be another way to get Trudeau out of power, other than a no confidence motion ( which looks like it will never happen), or the governor general, which will never happen either. Canada is fast becoming a third world country, thanks to that despot Trudeau.


I’d be happy with a non-confidence motion, is the BQ in ?

K Floritto

From the outset, I couldn’t see why there was such a strong inclination to meet with these ‘hereditary chiefs’ since, the Wet’suwet’en had opted for Democracy and elected their leaders and council. This was approved by the Wet’suwet’en Nation and, despite what PM Trudeau might wish to believe (or have us believe), their decision stands. Associating in any way with these self-styled chiefs who, for the most part, are not even of the Wet’suwet’en Nation is ludicrous and only muddies the waters. This same democratically elected council, with the support of the majority of the Nation, elected to accept the… Read more »