Trudeau Doubles Down On Refusal To Close Borders As Coronavirus Spreads, Risking More Canadian Lives

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government have decided to put their political ideology ahead of the health and safety of the Canadian People.

As the coronavirus spreads, you notice what’s happening:

Justin Trudeau’s response is among the weakest, if not the weakest, in the world when it comes to defending the health and safety of the Canadian People.

While countries around the world shut their borders to Coronavirus hot-zones, Trudeau refuses to do so, and is now even doubling down on his “let everybody in” approach.

Here’s what the pro-Trudeau Toronto Star reported:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says knee-jerk reactions to the novel coronavirus will not keep people safe, as he defended Canada’s decision not to close its borders to foreign nationals coming from regions where the outbreak is spreading.

Misinformation being spread about the virus, which can cause a respiratory disease known as COVID-19, is having negative impacts on some communities’ ability to keep their populations safe, Trudeau warned Thursday while speaking to reporters in Toronto.

“We’re going to stay focused on doing the things that actually matter: on empowering Canadians to make the right decisions for their own health, for their families’ health, listening to experts, working to co-ordinate with health authorities across the country, including in all provinces and territories and ensuring that our response is active and up to date every step of the way.””

The report goes on to say, “Australia has banned travellers from South Korea who aren’t Australian citizens or permanent residents, following similar bans for China and Iran. Trudeau says other countries have a right to make different decisions in dealing with this outbreak, but Canada is taking its lead from the World Health Organization and other health experts here and abroad.”

First of all, Canada shouldn’t be “taking the lead” of the WHO. Our own government should be leading. And the WHO is severely compromised, facing more and more criticism for doing the bidding of China, rather than actually leading a strong response.

The fact is, Justin Trudeau is doing less than almost every other country when it comes to protecting Citizens.

The US imposed tough travel restrictions, the UK imposed restrictions, as we read above Australia has imposed restrictions. Israel is restricting travel from almost all of Europe. And almost every country in the world has taken tougher measures than Canada.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are putting their own ideology ahead of the health and safety of Canadians, and this is putting the lives of more Canadians at risk.

On Twitter, NCC President Peter Coleman summed things up well:

“Not a leader. Never will be. An incompetent bumbling fool”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube