REPORT: For Second Day In A Row, Italy’s Rate Of Coronavirus Deaths Increase By Smaller Amount

Considering that lockdowns can take at least two weeks to show results in the numbers, this could be a hopeful sign, though more data is needed.

Italy continues to record hundreds of deaths per day, as the China CCP Coronavirus ravages the nation.

However, amid this darkness there could be some potential rays of light.

For the second day in a row, Italy has recorded a smaller increase in the number of deaths.

On Monday, there about 600 recorded deaths. On Sunday, there had been 651. The Sunday numbers were down from Saturday, when over 700 deaths were recorded.

The number of cases is also increasing by a smaller amount.

On Monday, there were 4,789 new cases. On Sunday, there were 5,560 new cases.

Now, it is too soon to tell whether this is part of a clear trend downward, but it is notable that after about two weeks of a total lockdown, Italy may be seeing some results.

Because of how Coronavirus spreads, and because of how it can take two weeks or more to fully run its course through a person, a lockdown that works can look like it is failing, until enough time passes.

If that is starting to happen in Italy, it will give hope not only to that stricken country, but to people around the world, inspiring us to continue our lockdowns and realizing that we can make a difference and bend the curve to save lives.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube