Liberal MP Slams Trudeau Over “Unprecedented, Unsurprising” UN Vote Loss, And “Obsession” With “Partisanship Over Leadership,” OOPS – No Wait My Bad That’s What She Said About Harper

Singing a different tune now.

Here’s what Liberal MP Joyce Murray had to say about the Harper government when Canada lost a UN vote for a security council seat in 2010:

“Canada loses out on Security Council seat – unprecedented; unsurprising. Harper’s obsession – partisanship over leadership has cost him”

Interestingly, Murray is singing a different tune now.

In fact, there’s no tune at all.

Murray has issued ZERO criticism of Trudeau.

That’s strange, since Harper won 114 votes at the UN, and Trudeau got 108.

By Murray’s logic, Trudeau must have been even more ‘obsessed’ with ‘partisanship over leadership,’ right?

I’m sure Murray will be out with a statement any time now criticizing Trudeau’s failure…

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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