Your Tax Dollars At Work: Trudeau’s Half-Brother Got $12,430 Government Contract

The Trudeau family appears to view our taxpayer dollars as their own personal piggy-bank.

As the fallout of the WE Scandal continues to grow – with Trudeau’s approval ratings already falling – we have learned the extent to which Trudeau’s family was paid by the same charity that he tried giving control of nearly $1 Billion of your taxpayer dollars.

Combined, his mother Margaret and his brother Alexandre were paid about $300,000 by the WE Organization.

Now, it’s been revealed that Justin Trudeau’s half-brother Kyle Kemper – Margaret Trudeau’s & Fred Kemper’s son – was given a government contract to speak at a cryptocurrency conference.

Kemper was given $12,430 of our tax dollars for the conference.

The conference took place overseas, in Switzerland.

According to the Globe & Mail, the PMO has denied involvement in the contract.

Notably of course, that’s what they originally said about the WE Scandal as well, before Trudeau and Bill Morneau apologized – while still falsely blaming the public service.

The report indicates that Kemper received money for ‘flights and accommodations.’

Think about that: While so many Canadians struggle financially, the government gave our tax dollars to Trudeau’s half-brother so he could fly to an elitist conference in Europe.

Hilariously, Kemper tried to claim that his family ties make things harder for him:

“It had nothing to do with family … this is all the work that I do. I literally, because of my family, I can’t do things. Doors are closed. You might think it would be the opposite.”

Yeah, sure buddy. How does he possibly suffer the deep injustice of getting government money to fly and stay in hotels overseas?

Increasingly, it appears the Trudeau government sees our tax dollars as their own personal piggy bank for the Trudeau family, showing total contempt for hard-working Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube