Another Poll Shows Liberal Support Dropping

Liberal lead over Conservatives shrinks.

A new poll by Abacus Datagenerally seen by many as a Liberal-friendly pollster – shows the Liberals losing support amid the WE Charity Scandal.

Since the June Abacus survey, the Liberals have dropped four points, to 36%.

The Conservatives are up 2 points, to 31%, meaning the Liberal lead has fallen from 11 points to just 5.

The NDP rounds out the top three with 16%.

Regionally, the Liberals are tied with the NDP at 32% in BC, with the Conservatives trailing with just 22%. Notably, that appears to be an outlier, as the Conservative base in BC is at least 30%.

In Alberta, the Conservatives have 54%, compared to the Liberals at 30%.

In Saskatchewan/Manitoba, the Conservatives lead with 39%, to the Liberals at 36%.

The Liberal lead in Ontario has shrunk, with the Liberals at 41%, and the Conservatives at 34%.

In Quebec, the Liberals narrowly lead the Bloc, with 33% to 29%.

And in Atlantic Canada, the Conservatives lead, with 39% to the Liberals at 34%.

Trudeau’s approval has also taken a hit, with 42% of Canadians holding a favourable view of him, down from 47%. 36% view him unfavourably, up from 31%.

And approval of the government has fallen from 52% to 48%, while disapproval has risen from 31% to 34%.

Again, it’s important to note that these are numbers from a pollster that sometimes – though not always – shows better numbers for the Liberals than others, and is seen by many as Liberal-friendly.

We saw similar numbers in a recent Angus Reid poll, which also showed Trudeau losing support.

While the WE Scandal is certainly damaging Trudeau’s ratings, Trudeau is also slowly losing the bounce in the polls he received from the CCP Virus pandemic crisis. Most world leaders have seen their poll numbers surge since the virus, and overtime that surge begins to dissipate.

After all, Trudeau had become a very unpopular politician before the crisis, with about two-thirds of Canadians opposing him and his party, and it appears things are moving back in that direction.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube