Former WE Charity Board Chair Says They Were Told Speakers Were NOT Paid

Michelle Douglas was Chair of the WE Board of Directors until she resigned in March.

Before the Kielburger Bros testified, Michelle Douglas spoke to the House Finance Committee.

Douglas was the Chair of the WE Board of Directors until March, when she resigned.

Of the many interesting things Douglas revealed, she noted that the Board was told that WE was not paying speakers.

“The WE Charity board always understood that speakers were not paid by the charity or the related organization to speak at WE Days. The board made direct inquiries on this issue,” said Douglas.

If this is true, it means the board was lied to by their own organization.

Because, as we know well, both Margaret Trudeau and Alexandre Trudeau were paid roughly a combined $300K to speak at WE events.

And also today, we learned that Margaret Trudeau was paid an extra $167,944 in expenses by WE, in addition to the previously mentioned amounts.

Douglas noted that speakers being paid was a surprise:

“I don’t know the precise nature of what they were paid for, but if it was exclusively to speak on the WE Day stage, that would have surprised me.”

Overall, the day of testimony has raised far more questions than answers.

Of course, many of those questions went unanswered, the Opposition is even more angry, and the Trudeau government faces even more trouble ahead as Canadians demand the truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube