The Far-Left Is Manipulating Data To Push False Narrative Of ‘Racist’ Toronto Police

Whenever you see a crucial bit of information left out, you can be sure that there’s an agenda behind what’s going on.

Yesterday, I wrote about how Toronto mayor John Tory ‘bent the knee’ to the far-left ‘wokes’ in promising to “reform” and “reallocate” Toronto Police funding as he and other politicians ignore the surge in violent crime:

“The fear of offending the Woke Inquisition means politicians – like Toronto mayor John Tory – are reluctant to actually crackdown on gangs. They are afraid they’ll be called racist, so they direct their attention elsewhere.

Of course, we know where this leads.

Since gangs tend to be concentrated in heavily minority neighbourhoods, the victims of gangs also tend to be minorities. This is ignored by the Wokes and by those in power, meaning good, hard-working, law-abiding people in already struggling communities are sacrificed at the altar of political correctness.”

The point here is that politicians like Tory are manipulating information, leaving out anything that contradicts the false narrative they are pushing.

Tory justified his announcements in large part by focusing on a report by the Ontario Human Rights Commission, which showed black people have a higher rate of being arrested by police, charged with a crime, or being involved in police interactions where force is used.

The human rights commission called it “highly disturbing,” adding it “confirm what Black communities have said for decades — that Black people bear a disproportionate burden of law enforcement.”

It went even further, with rhetoric saying the ‘debate’ is ‘over’:

“The time for debate about whether anti-Black bias exists is over. The OHRC calls on the TPS, TPSB, the City of Toronto and the Government of Ontario to take immediate action to address systemic and anti-Black racism in policing and to respect and protect racialized people in Toronto.”

“It is time to make transformative changes in the institutions and systems of law enforcement that produce such disparate outcomes — community trust and safety, especially the safety of Black lives, depend on it.”

Manipulation of data

A closer look at the report, and simple common-sense, makes it very clear how much this is being manipulated to create a false narrative.

For example, the report notes that “Black people were also involved in 25 per cent of all investigations from the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), which probes incidents of death, serious injury or allegations of sexual assault.”

So, black people are disproportionately more likely to be victims of crime. This means there is more overall crime in black communities, which would explain why there would be more interactions with police. This also means that cutting police funding would hurt victims of crime, who – as we just saw – are disproportionately black.

Consider also that the report notes ‘white people’ and ‘other racialized’ groups are less likely to be charged with crimes than ‘black people.’

That’s quite interesting.

How does that fit with the narrative of ‘racist’ policing?

If this was about anti-black/anti-brown racism, then wouldn’t every non-white group have much higher stats for being charged and arrested?

Consider that many people considered ‘black’ have skin that is the same colour as non-black minority groups.

Are we expected to believe that the police are doing quick racial calculations in their head when looking at people and making arrests based on whether someone is genetically ‘black’ before making arrests?

Or, as you’ve already guessed, is it the case that crime rates among asian communities or indo-Canadian communities are lower than in many black communities, which would explain the lower rates of arrests and charges?

Of course, that is the reason.

But that doesn’t fit the narrative, a point made quite well by Lorrie Goldstein on Twitter:

Goldstein has also written about this, in an article you can find here.

Radicals desperate to ‘transform’ society, don’t care if facts get in the way

The far-left can’t transform society if they can’t claim the whole system is inherently racist, so they have to manipulate data to create the story they want to tell.

This is why it is so dangerous for politicians like John Tory to use a biased and manipulative report to justify huge changes.

As we’ve seen time and time again, when the police pull back from a community out of political correctness fears, the first people to suffer are innocent, law-abiding people in high-crime areas. If politicians like John Tory weaken the police in Toronto’s black communities, law-abiding black people will be at even higher risk of being shot, robbed, and assaulted. Many women and children will suffer, while more criminals will get away with crimes.

That would be an absolute disgrace, and it’s why all Canadians need to stand up for truth, reality, and honestly talk about what is really going on.

Spencer Fernando

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