BREAKING: RCMP Says They Are “Examining” Trudeau Government WE Program Decision

“The RCMP is examining this matter carefully with all available information and will take appropriate actions as required,” said the force in a statement.

The RCMP is looking into the decision by the Trudeau government to initially offer a massive government contract to the Trudeau-family connected WE Charity.

In a statement responding to a Global News question, the RCMP said this:

“The RCMP is examining this matter carefully with all available information and will take appropriate actions as required. It would be inappropriate for us to provide anymore further comments on this matter at this time.”

An examination can be a prelude to an official investigation, but it can also conclude without a formal investigation. That remains to be seen.

This is similar to what the RCMP said amid the SNC-Lavalin Scandal.

This adds even more fuel to the fire of this scandal, with the Liberals having tried – and now failed – to put it to rest by throwing Bill Morneau under the bus and shutting down Parliament for weeks.

It also comes after the government ‘released’ a bunch of documents related to the scandal, many of which were entirely redacted, totally blacked out, denying the Canadian People a chance to see what really happened.

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Dan Mancuso

I’m not holding my breath…
I’m still waiting to hear who’s responsible for the RCMP HIGH RIVER GUN GRAB!


‘RCMP Says They Are “Examining” Trudeau Government WE Program Decision’They didn’t finish the sentence. They need to finish it with ‘but we will not find anything’.

Jim Montag

I sure hope it includes a forensic audit of the whole we conglomerate,

Penelope Trottier

Well I am sure they will disappoint the Canadian people again. They work for Trudeau not the Canadians.

Major Tom

How much criminal activity does it take to jump start the federal police?

Guy-Paul Roy

Maybe The Liberals G.G. can weigh in on this?? I think Poilievre has too much to work with. The Liberals were Almost Extinct when Chretien’s Sinister Finance Minister tried to be the Ruination of Canada. I believe the Past will soon be the Future.

Ben Eby

They RCMP haven’t finished with Lavalin yet!! How long will we have to wait for this one to conclude? I believe this is a deflection announcement!

Gary Pawson

Well, it’s about time. But simply not wide reaching enough! WHY DON’T they include the SNC episode, the strange unexplained close apparent connection with China by Liberal ‘gang’ member’s. (WE should have everyone from the Ottawa PD, Ont. Prov. P.D all the way to CISS doing it, & TOGETHER, sharing all relevant info. We should also ‘look into’ several of those so called ‘honourable’ people in Ottawa? So many question’s & so little time. Oh, I forgot, Our great PM called all that off didn’t he? Beside’s, it’s somebody else’s fault like the Morneau’s. ANYBODY. Divert attention! STOP the question’s.… Read more »


Gary, I agree especially since most of this crime has taken place in Ontario, the OPP should go in there, I think the RCMP is just to busy supporting Trudeau and anyways most Canadians have lost trust in them, they used to be pretty good but are to close to this Liberal corruption, possibly involved since they still haven’t looked at all this other corruption going on? I think the OPP is much more trustworthy at this point and now have 200 new members and CSIS can check out everything as well, Canadians deserve honesty and law and order.

Captain Dan

The Liberals did not throw Bill Morneau under the bus, they threw Canada under the bus! Bill Morneau should have been fired! Period! What financial executive in corporate Canada would have kept their job this far into the year without a budget or a detailed financial plan? Shareholders would have put him out of a job MONTHS ago! He would have been washed up for good! If you were the CEO of a multi million dollar company, would you hire Bill to manage YOUR future? I bet not. Bill Morneau resigned only to have his incompetence downgraded. It is hard to… Read more »


So, in other words, it’s all going to get swept under the rug again.

Thomas Tass

The only thing the RCMP is examining are their collective navels.


They’re examining WE charity and Trudeau the same way they investigated the Lavalin scandal? We’re really screwed.

Ben Eby

Firstly the RCMP jumped into the fray only because of public pressure and new found distaste for the organizations hierarchy. Secondly they needed time to consultant with all the most devious spin doctors the Liberal Party could muster. The investigation will likely drag on for many months before disappearing down the same hole the Lavalin investigation fell into, never to be seen again. Why bother RCMP, we all know another flim flam investigation is underway.