Justin Trudeau Accused Canada Of Participating In Genocide Under His Watch. Now, Radical Extremists Are Emboldened By His Demonization Of Our Country

Trudeau has pandered to radical elements, purposely demonizing our country in an attempt to appear ‘woke.’ Now, radicals are tearing down statues in Canada.

Here’s the scene in Montreal, where radical extremists were allowed to tear down a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald:

As I said on Twitter, there must be consequences for this:

“The government must repair and reinstall the Sir John A. Macdonald Statue. Radical extremists mobs cannot be allowed to tear down our Canadian History! Government must also ensure protection for statues and historic sites throughout Canada, and prosecute those who attack them.”


So, why was this allowed to happen?

In large part, because Justin Trudeau emboldened it.

You remember how Justin Trudeau agreed with the claims that Canada was in the midst of an ‘ongoing genocide,’ absurdly agreeing that Canada was committing crimes against humanity while he was serving as PM.

He pandered to radical sentiment, and has emboldened extremists.

When the PM of Canada calls his own country a genocidal state, how can that government claim any legitimacy?

Trudeau created conditions that would ‘justify’ this anti-Canadian extremism.

Of course, you know that this is all no surprise coming from Trudeau.

After all, Trudeau called Canada a ‘Post-National State’ with no core identity, thus setting the stage for radicals to try and uproot our history and tear the country down.

Trudeau’s dangerous rhetoric and willingness to demonize Canada is now having serious consequences, as radicals feel emboldened, the country grows more and more divided, and our nation is weakened by malicious internal and external forces.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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The restoration of this statue should be at the top of the agenda for Erin O’Toole, as leader of the Conservative Party. How could the police stand by and allow anarchists to tear down a statue that took huge sums of time, money, deliberation and talent to install ? These anarchists should have been charged with a crime immediately. Of course, now, Trudeau has no feeling for our national pride, so he should step down immediately if he feels that way about our country. Canada is not here for the Prime Minister to embrace disrespect,personally looting and encouraging its destruction.


We need to take Canada Back!

Douglas P

today statues, tomorrow the radicals will be attacking people that try and defend our history. If good people don’t stand up to the radicals they will take over the country.

Guy-Paul Roy

Justin lied to First Nations. More to First Nations than the Lies he told to Western Canada. All of Canada actually. We.All/Ya’All heard the Lies and voted for Jagmeet and his LIES. AS IF his LIES were even Juicer/Believable. They were. If they Tear down a statue of a long gone PM? I can not imagine what will be done to Pierre Idiots and Justin’s Statues. The Reckoning is a Coming!! Our $10 bill just took a hit. Just Saying.

Mel Schobel

where are the police? How could they allow this to happen? They can handcuff a mother walking her daughter in a park but they can’t protect a statue. What kind of police force do we have?

Ana M Gomes

A Trudesquian biased police force.Trudesquian Burlesque Reality penetrated any department expected to serve the People . They have been betraying the People, instead, like everything this Corrupt Gov thinks of doing.


How can a Prime Minister lead a country when he openly shows his disdain for that country?


He is engaged in nation breaking to usher in an elitist globalist One World Government.