SURVEY: As Trudeau Considers Risking Devastating Debt Crisis, 77% Of Canadians Are Worried About Rising Budget Deficits

The Canadian People were told that the massive deficit this year was a one-time event due to a global emergency. Now, with Trudeau playing a bait-and-switch game and seeking to make the massive deficits permanent, fear is rising among the Canadian People.

Justin Trudeau is purposely risking an unprecedented debt crisis.

That’s the only conclusion we can draw from his plan to make this year’s one-time, emergency-caused massive deficit into permanent government policy, while simultaneously imposing a ‘green’ scheme that would skyrocket the cost of living, devastate the economy, drown our nation in debt, and risk turning Canada into a nation like Venezuela, where a once-vibrant economy is transformed into a total chaotic mess.

And now, a new survey shows Canadians are increasingly afraid of the rising budget deficit.

According to a Nanos survey, a full 77% of Canadians are worried by Canada’s rising budget deficits.

47% say they are ‘concerned,’ while 30% say they are ‘somewhat concerned.’

That massively outweighs those who express no concern, with just 10% saying they are ‘not concerned,’ while 13% say they are ‘somewhat not concerned.’

In all regions of Canada, over 70% are concerned with the deficits, ranging from 83% in the prairies, to 74% in BC.

The survey also shows Canadians divided on whether there is a government plan in place to ‘rebuild’ the economy, with 11% saying they are ‘confident,’ and 38% saying they are ‘somewhat confident,’ compared to 22% who say they are ‘somewhat not confident,’ and 25% saying they are ‘not confident.’

This raises the possibility that Trudeau has made a serious mistake in his move to ‘transform’ the nation.

Canadians didn’t vote for a ‘transformation’ of Canada.

Trudeau didn’t campaign on it.

He campaigned on deficits around $20 billion, said he would move back towards balance – with no clear timetable of course – and when the CCP Virus hit, the massive deficits were explicitly presented as a temporary emergency measure.

Interestingly, that 77% of Canadians worried about budget deficits is close to the percentage of Canadians who voted Conservative, Liberal, and Bloc, while the 23% not worried nearly matches the NDP/Green vote.

Trudeau is pushing a radical agenda that even many Liberals oppose.

Additionally, with the Canadian economy slowly starting to recover from the depths of the lockdowns, Trudeau’s argument for reshaping the entire nation looks less and less like an actual response to a crisis, and more and more like a radical agenda to impose his ‘vision’ on an unwilling country.

Spencer Fernando

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